Iran’s ‘Ghost Armada’ and its secret alliance with China

The Spectator

UANI CEO Ambassador Mark Wallace and Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman write: When a British security guard was killed in an Iranian drone attack last month, the response from the government was robust. Boris Johnson warned that Iran will have to ‘face up to the consequences’. But has the West fully grasped the reality of what Iran and its 'Ghost Armada' is really up to at sea? And how can Britain deal with Iran's silent partnership on the waves with China? Back in March, the two countries signed a 25-year, £300 billion trade and military partnership which included Chinese investment in exchange for regular, heavily discounted oil and a strengthened cooperation between the military, security and defence departments. China is investing in Iran for the long haul because it is key to its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). More than £200 billion has already been spent on the project since 2013, with another trillion pounds anticipated within the next decade.