Tasnim News Agency

Also Known As:
Ati Sazan Farhang Tasnim Institute; Tasnim Cultural Institution Organization
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IRGC-controlled news agency. "Not only publishes false confessions by protesters on its website and social media, but also posts pictures of protestors on social media and asks readers to help identify them."1

"Tasnim News agency is the largest Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) affiliated media outlet and serves as a propaganda machine for the Iranian regime whose coverage frequently reflects hard-line Iranian views. The news outlet is responsible for publishing false confessions by protesters on its website and social media accounts as well as for posting pictures of protestors on social media and asking readers to help identify them. Tasnim News is therefore responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran."2

"Tasnim News Agency (Tasnim) is a news outlet founded by two IRGC commanders, Majid Gholizadeh and Hamidreza Moghadam Far, who continue to serve as Tasnim executives and exert control over Tasnim on behalf of the IRGC. Tasnim has supported the IRGC and other instruments of the regime in various ways, including suppressing dissent by helping the IRGC, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and LEF to crowdsource the identities of protestors."3


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