Qarchak Prison

Also Known As:
Gharchak Prison; Qarchak Women's Prison; Shahr-e Rey Prison; Women's Kahrizak; Zendân-e-Qarchak
Sanctioned by U.S:
Date Sanctioned by U.S:
2019-12-05 , 2020-06-15
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"QARCHAK PRISON (a.k.a. GHARCHAK PRISON; a.k.a. QARCHAK WOMEN'S PRISON; a.k.a. SHAHR-E REY PRISON; a.k.a. "WOMEN'S KAHRIZAK"), Varamin Highway, Tehran, Iran; Additional Sanctions Information - Subject to Secondary Sanctions [CAATSA - IRAN]." 1

"Qarchak Prison is one of the Iranian regime’s detention facilities for women in Varamin County (Teheran province). Detainees include political prisoners and participants in peaceful pro-democracy protests as well as pregnant women and mothers with children. Living conditions in Qarchak Prison are deplorable and inhumane. Female detainees in Qarchak prison are subject to torture, rape and other forms of sexual violence. They are held in overcrowded cells, without access to clean drinking water, food and medical assistance, amounting to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. Released prisoners report instances of sexual abuse by prison guards and security personnel. Female protesters sent to Qarchak prison are often threatened with rape to extract confessions. Qarchak Prison is therefore responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran, including torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment as well as systematic sexual and gender-based violence."2  




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