Mortazavi, Sowlat


Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, 2022–present.1

Sanctioned by Switzerland on April 20, 2023. "Since 5 Sep 2021, Vice-President for Executive Affairs of Iran and Head of the Presidential Office. Head of the real estate branch of the Mostazafan Foundation, which was directly run by Supreme Leader Khamenei from 16 Sep 2019 until Sep 2021. Until Nov 2019, Director of the Tehran branch of the Foundation Astan Qods Razavi. Former mayor of the second largest city of Iran, Mashhad, where public executions are regularly carried out. Former Deputy Interior Minister for Political Affairs, appointed in 2009. In this capacity, he was responsible for directing repression of persons who spoke up in defence of their legitimate rights, including freedom of expression. Later appointed as Head of the Iranian Election Committee for the parliamentarian elections in 2012 and for the presidential elections in 2013."2 




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