Montazer al-Mahdi, Saeed

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Montazer al-Mahdi, Said
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"Saeed Montazer Al-Mahdi is the spokesman of the Iranian police (EU-listed Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) of Iran). In April 2023, he announced the current strict enforcement of hijab laws, which have been used by the Iranian authorities to crack down on peaceful protesters. Acting in his function, he defends and promotes the repressive actions of the police. His intimidating statements on monitoring, the closure of businesses and other public spaces, and the warning texts that are being sent by the authorities have a very significant repressive impact. Furthermore, in his role as police spokesperson, he has repeatedly downplayed the widely reported schoolgirl poisonings, by claiming that the 'majority' were 'not real', thereby denying the victims protection through the police and undermining their right to safety. He is therefore responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran."1 

"Sanctioned individuals include police spokesperson for Iran's Law Enforcement Forces Saeed Montazer Al-Mahdi who has repeatedly made intimidating and threatening statements towards Iranian women and girls for purportedly violating Iran's mandatory veiling laws."2

"Saeed Montazer AL-MAHDI is an "involved person" under the Iran (Sanctions) (Human Rights) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 because he is and has been involved in the commission of serious human rights violations or abuses in Iran, including being responsible for, engaging in and promoting serious violations of the right to freedom of expression, as well as breaches of Iran’s obligation to secure the human rights of persons in Iran without discrimination including on the basis of a person’s sex, through determining and enforcing mandatory dress codes for women."3






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