Jafari, Mohammad Ali

Also Known As:
Jaafari, Ali; Jaafari, Aziz; Jaafari, Mohamed; Jaafari, Mohamed-Ali; Jaafari, Mohammad-Ali; Jaafari, Mohammed; Jaafari, Mohammed-Ali; Jaafari, Muhammad; etc.
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"Today, President Obama signed an Executive Order that imposes sanctions on Iranian officials determined to be responsible for or complicit in serious human rights abuses involving Iran. In signing today's Order, the President identified eight individuals for sanctions who share responsibility for the sustained and severe violation of human rights in Iran since the June 2009 disputed presidential election... Mohammad Ali Jafari is the Commander of the IRGC. As commander of the IRGC, Jafari controlled the Basij Forces during the June 2009 election. Forces under his command participated in beatings, murder, and arbitrary arrests and detentions of peaceful protestors." 1

"General Commander of the IRGC. IRGC and the Sarollah Base commanded by General Aziz Jafari has played a key role in illegally interfering with the 2009 Presidential Elections, arresting and detaining political activists, as well as clashing with protestors in the streets." 2


Canada has sanctioned Jafari, pursuant to the Special Economic Measures (Iran) Regulations, regarding Iran's "grave breach of international peace and security."3


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