Great Tehran Penitentiary

Also Known As:
Greater Tehran Central Penitentiary; Tehran Central Prison; Fashafuyeh; Hasanabad-e Qom Prison
Sanctioned by U.S:
Date Sanctioned by U.S:
2019-12-05 , 2020-06-15
Sanctioned by EU:
Date Sanctioned by EU:
Sanctioned by U.K.:
Sanctioned by Canada:
Sanctioned by Australia:
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"GREAT TEHRAN PENITENTIARY (a.k.a. FASHAFOUYEH PRISON; a.k.a. FASHAFOYE PRISON), Tehran Province, Iran; Additional Sanctions Information - Subject to Secondary Sanctions [CAATSA - IRAN]." 1

"The Great Tehran Penitentiary is known for is inhumane living conditions, which consist of unsanitary and crowded corridors, rodent infestations, insufficient food, water, and medical care. We have seen reports that protesters have been subject to abuse and mistreatment during interrogations, arbitrary beatings, and rape." 2

"Fashafouyeh Prison is a detention centre designated originally to detain offenders of drug-related crimes, recently also holding political prisoners and, in some cases, forcing them to share cells with drug addicts. The living and hygienic conditions are very poor, lacking basic needs like clean drinking water. During the November 2019 protests, several protesters were detained in Fashafouyeh Prison, including minors. Reports indicate that November 2019 protesters were subjected to torture and inhumane treatment at Fashafouyeh Prison, e.g. by deliberately wounding them with boiling water and through denial of medical treatment. According to an Amnesty International report on the crackdown of the November 2019 protests, children as young as 15 have been detained alongside adults in Fashafouyeh Prison. Three November 2019 protesters who are currently being held in Fashafouyeh Prison were sentenced to death by a court in Tehran." 3





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