Ashtari Fard, Hossein

Also Known As:
Ashtari, Hoseyn; Ashtari, Hossein
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Former commander of the Law Enforcement Forces (2015–2023). Adviser for security and law enforcement affairs to the Armed Forces General Staff chief, Major General Mohammad Bagheri (2023–present).1 

"the Commander of the LEF since March 2015... for having acted or purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly, the LEF. During Ashtari’s tenure as commander, the LEF has been implicated in multiple cases of violence, including the reported killing of hundreds of Iranian protesters and several dozen children following nationwide protests against an increase in gasoline prices in November 2019. In addition, Ashtari also directs the LEF cyber police unit, an organization that monitors expressions of dissatisfaction with the Iranian regime, and has threatened to punish Iranians who use social media to organize protests." 2

"Hossein Ashtari has been the Commander in Chief of the Iranian police force since March 2015 and is a member of the National Security Council. The police force includes the Emdad Units and the Special Units. Iran’s ordinary police force, the Emdad Units and the Special Units used lethal force to suppress the November 2019 protests in Iran, causing the deaths of and injuries to unarmed protesters and other civilians in many cities across the country. As a member of the National Security Council, Hossein Ashtari took part in the sessions that resulted in the orders to use lethal force to suppress the November 2019 protests. Hossein Ashtari therefore bears responsibility for serious human rights violations in Iran." 3

"Hossein ASHTARI is or has been involved in the commission of a serious human rights violation or abuse in Iran as Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Police Forces, involved in the violent repression of protests in Iran in November 2019."4






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