UANI Applauds UK Charity Commission Inquiry Into IRGC-Linked London-Based Centre Following New UANI Evidence

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace and IRGC Research Director Kasra Aarabi released the following joint statement today after the charity regulator for England and Wales announced a statutory inquiry to investigate the Al-Tawheed Charitable Trust (TUCF). This follows evidence that UANI presented showing Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) radicalization happening at TUCF. 

Ambassador Mark Wallace commented: “We at UANI welcome the UK Charity Commission’s decision to open an official investigation into the Al-Tawheed Charitable Trust over antisemitic events held at its premises and the hosting of IRGC commanders online as UANI revealed.” 

“UANI obtained, exposed, and immediately shared videos with the Charity Commission and UK government authorities, recognizing the threat this extremist, terror-related content poses to British national security, not least the safety of the British Jewish community and Iranian diaspora – the two primary targets of IRGC terrorism.” 

Wallace added: “While today’s announcement is a positive step, the IRGC’s covert activities in the UK will not be effectively stopped until it is proscribed as a terrorist organization. UANI’s experts are on standby to provide continued support to the Charity Commission over its inquiry and remain committed to exposing the IRGC’s operations in the UK.”

Kasra Aarabi, director for IRGC research at UANI – who obtained and shared the videos with the Charity Commission – said: “This is a positive step towards the permanent closure of the Al-Tawheed Trust, which, as we have revealed, has consistently hosted extremist IRGC and antisemitic activities on its premises.”  

“The videos we have shared with the Charity Commission clearly demonstrate the IRGC’s efforts to radicalize British nationals using methods identical to that of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. However, unlike these proscribed groups, existing UK sanctions do not prohibit the IRGC’s jihadi propaganda activities. Proscribing the IRGC as a terrorist organization would fundamentally close this loophole. It would give the government, Charity Commission, and technology companies a clear mandate to act swiftly to ban any activity related to the IRGC in the UK. It would also equip local communities with the necessary tools to safeguard and prevent IRGC and Shia radicalization, which is currently a blind spot in the UK’s PREVENT program. The UK government’s failure to proscribe the IRGC is putting British national security and lives at risk.”

Aarabi asserted: “We at UANI are committed to exposing all the radicalization, extremist, and terrorist activities of the IRGC in the West. Today’s announcement should stand as a clear warning to the IRGC and its linked entities in the UK and Europe – we are coming for you.”

To view the evidence uncovered by UANI and presented to the BBC, please click here. 

To read the Charity Commission for England and Wales’ statement on the statutory inquiry, please click here.