Hezbollah: Twenty-Two Years a Foreign Terrorist Organization

(New York, N.Y.) – Twenty-two years after designating Hezbollah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), U.S. strategy to combat the group has been shortsighted, argues United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) Research Analyst for Lebanon and Hezbollah David Daoud.

In a new blog, Daoud points out that while U.S. sanctions have negatively impacted Iran’s primary proxy, they have failed to bring the group to financial collapse or stopped its growth entirely. As a result, he argues for a more comprehensive anti-Hezbollah strategy, including countering its narrative and ideology.

UANI’s dedicated website, Eye on Hezbollah, charts Hezbollah’s evolution from a small radical gang in 1982 to the present. Eye on Hezbollah reveals Hezbollah’s organizational and leadership structure, hierarchy, and key figures, while its timeline documents the most significant military and political milestones during the group’s 40-year history.

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