Ambassador John Bolton Returns to United Against Nuclear Iran as Senior Advisor

(New York, N.Y.) – United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), the bipartisan, not-for-profit advocacy group leading efforts to warn companies and governments around the world about the dangers posed by the Iranian regime, announced today that former U.S. National Security Advisor Ambassador John Bolton has returned to the organization as a senior advisor.

Bolton, who previously served on UANI’s Advisory Board until 2018, is an accomplished lawyer, skilled diplomat, and prominent voice around the globe for policies and practices that ensure the economic and diplomatic isolation of the Iranian regime in order to compel Tehran to abandon its nuclear program, support for terrorism, and human rights violations.

“Iran poses one of the most serious and sustained threats to America and her allies. I’m looking forward to returning to UANI – an organization that has shown tremendous results over the past few years – because it is solely focused on addressing the Iranian threat and it does so successfully,” said Bolton. “It’s an honor to be associated once again with great leaders from the U.S. and around the world in one common mission.”

“UANI is thrilled that my friend Ambassador Bolton is committing his time and energy to confronting Iran’s destabilizing and dangerous activities. His dedication to combating the Iranian regime is well-known and respected around the world. We are delighted to have a leader of his stature working with UANI,” said UANI CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace.

“As the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA formally unwinds through its sunset provisions, it will be critical to have Ambassador Bolton’s expertise leading the policy discussion. The world has to rise to the challenge of confronting Iran’s behavior and with the ambassador’s help, UANI will continue to be a leading source of ideas and a strong global advocate for policies that reduce the regime’s threat for years to come,” said UANI Chairman Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.