UANI’s Shipping Campaign Roundup

Iranian Oil Trafficking Updates from United Against Nuclear Iran

(New York, N.Y.) — This year has marked a significant stride in United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)'s mission to thwart the illegal smuggling of Iranian oil  a direct source of sustenance for Tehran's regime. UANI's vigilant tracking which the Wall Street Journal recently described as "the best public data we have" has uncovered 88 new vessels suspected of smuggling Iranian oil and gas, pivotal in aiding Iran's regime to illicitly trade over $80 billion worth of oil since President Biden took office. However, they can be stopped.

With precision and persistence, UANI provides actionable intelligence to insurers and flag states, stripping these vessels of their certifications, insurance, and flags. Our senior team counsels elected officials, too, and has provided expert testimony on Iran’s sanctions evasion before Congress. In sum, our efforts not only make sanctions evasion a daunting task but also ensure these acts do not go unnoticed by global authorities.

UANI’s identification of sanctioned Iranian oil aboard tanker SUEZ RAJAN led to the April 2023 seizure by the U.S., which offloaded the oil for sale, denying the regime tens of millions of dollars in lost revenues that would have supported its human rights abuses and terrorist proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah. The U.S. Department of Justice applauded UANI for its “valuable assistance” in its first-ever criminal resolution involving a company engaged in supporting Iran’s oil smuggling.

To sustain our vital work, we rely on the generous support of individuals like you. Your tax-deductible contributions are instrumental in our efforts to unravel Iran’s smuggling network and cut off the regime’s economic lifeline. Your support will help us maintain the momentum in our campaign against Iranian oil smuggling, ensuring that Iran's regime is held accountable for its actions.


Leadership and Impact

Justice Department Announces First Criminal Resolution Involving The Illicit Sale And Transport Of Iranian Oil In Violation Of U.S. Sanctions | U.S. Department of Justice

The complaint alleges a scheme involving multiple entities affiliated with Iran’s IRGC and the IRGC-Qods Force (IRGC-QF) to covertly sell and transport Iranian oil to a customer abroad. Participants in the scheme attempted to disguise the origin of the oil using ship-to-ship transfers, false automatic identification system reporting, falsified documents and other means. The complaint further alleges that the charterer of the vessel used the U.S. financial system to facilitate the transportation of Iranian oil.

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How The U.S. Can Stop Panama From Helping Iran Avoid Oil Sanctions | UANI Advisory Board Member Governor Jeb Bush For The Washington Post

The Iranian regime has survived for more than four decades, thanks in large part to countries’ putting economic self-interest ahead of international peace and security. In strengthening Iran by helping it circumvent sanctions, these countries work against the brave Iranian women and men who are now risking their lives for a future free of the regime’s rule. Russia and China are well known as Iran’s allies and trading partners, but there is another country that has been instrumental in the regime’s continued survival: Panama.

Iran Won’t Get The Pariah Status It Deserves While Europe’s Oil And Gas Companies Evade Sanctions | UANI Advisory Board Member Sir Ivor Roberts For The New European

Tehran’s increasingly brutal use of lethal force to suppress a popular civil rights movement, its provision of deadly drones to Moscow for Putin’s war against Ukraine, and its abhorrent execution of British-Iranian Alireza Akbari have convinced most Western countries that this is no time to reopen diplomatic talks with Iran’s despotic leadership. But while our politicians treat Tehran with froideur, elements of our private sector are taking an altogether warmer approach. An undercover investigation conducted in Tehran last year revealed a wide range of European companies doing business with the Iranian oil and gas sector, flying under the radar of sanctions regimes imposed by both the US and EU. What are the consequences of this covert trade, does it matter and what should we do about it?

How To Navigate Shipping’s Evolving Sanctions Risk | Lloyd's List Webinar

UANI Chief of Staff Claire Jungman was a panelist on an April 20 webinar alongside Danske Bank Global Head of Sanctions and Head of Financial Crime Compliance Amalie Korning Wedege, American P&I Club COO Daniel Tadros, and Lloyd’s List Intelligence Markets Editor and Sanctions Analyst Michelle Wiese Bockman to discuss evolving sanctions risks, how the Ghost Armada operates, and how companies can better protect themselves in an evolving regulatory environment.

Iran Is Threatening American Lives On U.S. Soil. We Must Take Bolder Steps To Protect Them | UANI Advisory Board Member Governor Jeb Bush and CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace For The Miami Herald

Iran is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American military personnel and civilians. Recently, Tehran has grown bolder, and threatened Americans on U.S. soil in operations tantamount to acts of war. The lackluster response from Washington is putting lives at risk, signaling that plotting to kidnap or kill Americans is a low-risk, high-reward proposition. The United States urgently needs to enhance deterrence and create a protective structure for U.S. citizens targeted by nation-states if a conflict is to be averted.

U.S. House Financial Services National Security, Illicit Finance, and International Financial Institutions Subcommittee Hearing | Restricting Rogue-State Revenue: Strengthening Energy Sanctions on Russia, Iran, and Venezuela

UANI Chief of Staff and Director of UANI’s Tanker Tracking program Claire Jungman appeared before the subcommittee to provide expert testimony on the Biden administration’s approach to enforcing sanctions against Iran—especially in the oil sector—and its broader implications for national security, global oil markets, and international financial stability.

UANI In The News

Iran Oil Cargo Previously Seized By U.S. Unloads In Syria - Ship Tracker | Reuters

An Iranian-flagged tanker on Friday delivered an oil shipment to Syria, which the United States had previously confiscated around Greece, ending months of uncertainty about the cargo, a ship tracker said. The seizure from the Lana, formerly the Pegas, prompted Iranian forces in May to seize two Greek tankers in the Middle East Gulf which were released on Nov. 16. Satellite tracking data showed the Lana had discharged the cargo of around 700,000 barrels in the Syrian port of Banias, said Claire Jungman, chief of staff with U.S. advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which monitors Iran-related tanker traffic through ship and satellite tracking. Additional media coverage by Lloyd’s List, The Cradle, and TradeWinds.

Cosco Energy Shipping In Fresh Iranian Oil Controversy | TradeWinds

… The Afra Crown was featured on a list of 257 ships suspected to have been involved in transporting Iranian crude by tanker trackers from United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI). UANI identified the tanker in June as one that had made the switch from shipping Iranian to Russian oil, attracted by high rates and a shortage of tonnage.

This Is Big Brother: How The ‘Dark’ Fleet Is Being Tracked From Space | TradeWinds

… A new tactic was revealed this month by pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which said one shipowner had asked for data to be removed from a ship-tracking platform. The data was reinstated after UANI highlighted the change, according to the group’s blog. The examples highlight the shortcomings of AIS as a tool that was designed to protect life at sea rather than for tracking rogue operators.

Venezuela Today, Iran Tomorrow? Leeway To Sell Oil | Iran International

… Documentation in the Young Yong case were supplied to Reuters by advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran, which has since 2013 tracked Iran’s oil traffic to “disrupt…[its] attempts to generate profits from oil sales and further isolate the regime economically.” Additional media coverage by Hellenic Shipping News, Lloyd’s List.

EU Agrees To Price Cap Of $60 As Ban Begins On Russian Seaborne Oil | Maritime Executive

… The Iranian watchdog organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) reported yesterday for example that “31 vessels found to have switched from helping Tehran export Iranian oil to now helping Moscow transport Russian oil or petroleum products” since the invasion of Ukraine in February. Highlighting their so-called “switch list,” the NGO said “UANI first predicted that Russia would turn to the ‘Ghost Armada’ to keep the crude flowing to its Chinese partner in May 2022. Since then, the number of tankers that have made the switch has grown.” Additional media coverage by The Maritime Executive, Reuters.

Iranian Oil Tanker Arrives In Venezuela, Activist Group Says | Reuters

An Iranian tanker carrying about 2 million barrels of ultra-light oil arrived this week in Venezuelan waters, non-government organization United Against Nuclear Iran said on Tuesday. Venezuela and Iran, both under United States sanctions, have recently expanded cooperation mainly through a swap that provides Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA with light oil for refining and diluents to produce exportable crude grades. PDVSA in return supplies Iran with Venezuelan heavy oil and fuel. Additional media coverage by Middle East Monitor.

Chinese-Owned Tankers Return For ‘Round Two’ Of Russia Trades | TradeWinds

… The 298,600-dwt Lauren II (2004) has been lying off the coast of Sierra Leone for nearly two months, according to Kpler tracking data. The 314,000-dwt Progress V (built 2006) arrived a month later. The pair have previously been identified by tanker tracking researchers from United Against Nuclear Iran as being involved in moving sanctioned Iranian crude before turning to the Russian trade.

Iran’s Oil Exports Increase Despite US Sanctions | Lloyd’s List

Iran increased its seaborne oil exports last year despite facing further US sanctions. The country exported nearly 430m barrels, which was a 3.3% increase on 2021 levels, according to US monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran. China was the top destination for Iranian barrels in 2022, accounting for about 70.8% of its seaborne oil exports, UANI’s tanker tracking data shows. Syria, Venezuela, the UAE and Malaysia accounted for 7.2%, 4.6%, 2.7% and 0.6% respectively; the destination for 14.2% of the barrels was unknown. The monitoring group said that China’s non-state, “teapot refineries” are responsible for the bulk of Iranian oil imports, which helps obscure the oil’s origin and shields Beijing’s larger, state-owned importers from US scrutiny.

US National Admits Conspiring To Break Iranian Sanctions | Lloyd’s List

… Several LPG carriers that Lloyd’s List Intelligence data shows are owned and operated by Worldwide LPG are suspected to have carried Iranian cargo, according to data from US monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran. These include the Panama-flagged Gas Leader (IMO: 9114581), Niba (IMO: 9046784), Sona (IMO: 9005053), Tower Rise (IMO: 8912546) and Danuta I (IMO: 9193721).

China Demand Lifts Iranian Crude Exports To High Under Sanctions | TradeWinds

 … United Against Nuclear Iran said that China received most of its crude followed by Syria and Venezuela. Tehran has faced strict US sanctions since 2018, when Trump withdrew from a 2015 deal that lifted sanctions in return for restrictions on Iran’s nuclear programme. The US Office of Foreign Assets Control has more than 200 vessels on its sanctions lists related to various Iranian programmes.

Chevron’s Refinery Unloading First Venezuelan Crude Cargo | Reuters

 … The Panamax tanker arrived on Wednesday at Pascagoula’s PAS2 terminal, said organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which monitors vessel traffic.

Ban Panama-Flag Tankers From EU Ports Over Iran Trades, Says US Pressure Group | TradeWinds

… A US-based pressure group tracking Iranian oil cargoes has called for a European port ban on Panamanian-flagged tankers in an ongoing row over sanctions enforcement. United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) said that Panama’s maritime authority (AMP) had been “inaccurate and deceptive” in response to its criticisms of the flag state’s record in tackling sanctions breaches. The group claimed that the authority had failed to act despite being supplied with bills of lading, satellite images and other data that indicated Panamanian-flagged vessels were hauling Iranian crude in contravention of US sanctions. It says 39% of the tankers carrying Iranian oil are on Panama’s registry. The chief executive of UANI, Mark Wallace, said the EU should impose the same ban on Panamanian-flagged tankers as it had on Russian vessels following the invasion of Ukraine. “This would help accomplish what the AMP refuses to do: choke off Russia’s most critical military partner, Iran, by breaking up its ability to smuggle oil,” he said.

Panama Rejects Allegations That It Is Knowingly Helping Iran Violate Sanctions | Lloyd’s List

 … About 39% of ships moving Iranian oil are flagged by Panama, Mr. Bush said citing UANI data, and called for the US to sanction the entire fleet. “Since 2020, the Panama Maritime Authority — the world’s biggest ag registry — has been presented with evidence gathered by UANI on 130 vessels of concern, but the PMA has deflagged just 18 of them, allowing the others to continue their suspected function as mules for the Iranian regime,” Mr. Bush wrote. Lloyd’s List has seen several letters sent by UANI to the registry containing detailed evidence of vessels engaging in deceptive and unsafe shipping practices to obfuscate shipments of Iranian cargoes. Additional media coverage by Safety4Sea, TradeWinds, Reuters,, Forbes, Iran International, Gatestone Institute, Ship & Bunker, Lloyd’s List.

Pressure On China To ‘Intensify’ Over Iranian Oil Imports, Says US Envoy | Lloyd’s List

Iran’s oil exports increased in the past year despite a reinvigorated crackdown by the US. According to tanker trackers from United Against Nuclear Iran, China accounted for almost 71% of Iran’s exports in 2022. Iran’s oil exports surged in December to 1.2m-1.4m barrels per day, according to Vortexa and UANI.

Additional media coverage by Lloyd’s List.

'Warning Sign': Iran's Military Reportedly Sending Warships To Brazil, Panama Canal In Challenge To US | Fox News

… "It is not true that we support terrorism," Tewaney said in response to former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush's opinion article in the Washington Post in January. Bush, who is an advisory board member of United Against Nuclear Iran, wrote that Panama "has been instrumental in the [Iranian] regime’s continued survival" and that Panama is "strengthening Iran by helping it to circumvent sanctions." Bush also said Panama aids Iran’s in oil smuggling. Additional media coverage by New York Sun, Arab News.

Panama To Allow Iran Naval Vessels To Sail Through Panama Canal, Despite US Opposition | Middle East Monitor

… Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, also penned a Washington Post column last month accusing Panama of helping Iran evade Western sanctions on its oil exports. "Without Panama's support, the Iranian regime would face significant hurdles in smuggling its oil and gas around the world," he wrote. Additional media coverage by Agence France-Presse.

China’s Imports Of Iranian Oil Near Record Levels As Us Promises Pressure | Lloyd’s List

... "As the administration continues to allow China to import Iranian oil in defiance of US sanctions, the Iranian regime’s pockets are filling up which in turn is used to fund its terrorist activities and human rights abuses,” said UANI chief of staff Claire Jungman. “China continues to reap the benefits by getting to purchase discounted oil from not just Iran but also Russia. Something about this strategy from the administration clearly doesn't match up,” she added. Meanwhile, Panama-flagged tankers’ share of the “ghost armada” ferrying sanctioned Iranian oil rose to 42%, UANI said. The flag state recently denounced accusations that it is assisting Iran skirt sanctions by knowingly flagging vessels that are engaged in sanctioned oil trades. The allegations were made in an opinion piece in Washington Post by former Florida governor and UANI adviser Jeb Bush.

Dozens Of Cargo Ships Left Stranded By Impact Of Sanctions Regimes | TradeWinds

… Claire Jungman of United Against Nuclear Iran, which monitors tanker traffic, said: “There are many instances where allies of the United States could have assisted the US in detaining or seizing vessels.” She said Greece “sided with Iran” last year by releasing a Russian-owned, Iran-flagged tanker — the 115,527-dwt aframax Lana (built 2003) — that was carrying Iranian oil. “We see numerous ship-to-ship transfers of Iranian oil occur within Indonesian and Singapore waters,” she said. “Unfortunately, we do not see enough arrests or detentions of these vessels, which are blatantly violating sanctions on Iran and maritime law.”

Iran’s ‘Ghost Fleet’ Switches Into Russian Oil | Financial Times

… The FT identified vessels involved in the Iranian ghost fleet using a list of 288 ships subject to sanctions-breaching complaints to marine registries and insurance companies by United Against Nuclear Iran, a US-based group that campaigns for tough enforcement of sanctions. Additional media coverage by Iran International.

Splash Investigation Pinpoints The True Scale Of The Shadow Tanker Fleet | Splash 247

… The methodology of the research started with the Iranian-linked tanker list compiled by the non-profit United Against Nuclear Iran. On top of this, Splash analysed which ships changed class from the main, Western societies to Indian and Chinese class societies over the past 12 months. Additionally, our analysis looked at special surveys due for more than six years, giving an indication on how prolific an owner is. Most class societies withdraw ships if they do not comply. Additional media coverage by Dryad Global.

US Blacklists More Than Two Dozen Ships And Entities For Violating Sanctions On Iran | Lloyd’s List

…The Dolphin is also suspected of loading at Iran’s Assalueh port in November 2020, according to tanker trackers at United Against Nuclear Iran. Two other vessels sanctioned today, the Hong Kong-flagged chemical tankers Forever Rich (IMO: 9203928) and the Yong Xin (IMO: 9203930) are suspected by UANI of loading Iranian petrochemicals and crude oil, respectively, in 2020.

Iran Sanctions Pressure Group Details Trading Patterns Of Sanctioned Vessels | TradeWinds

Three of the 20 ships added to the US blacklist this week called on a key Iranian port more than two years ago, according to United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI). The New York-based pressure group said it detected the 75,386-cbm Dolphin (built 1994) and the 45,000-dwt Forever Rich (built 2015) calling on Assaluyeh in late 2020, while the 45,000-dwt Yong Xin (built 2000) visited an FPSO there earlier in the year … Pro-sanctions UANI routinely uses satellite imagery and automatic identification system data to track ships that call on Iran to transport sanctioned cargoes. The group also sends letters to the ships’ flag states, insurers and classification societies to attempt to have them drop coverage.

‘Dark’ Fleet Tanker Released From Greek Detention | TradeWinds

… The Melogy is listed as owned by Thang Long Gas Co, based in Hanoi, which has a fleet of three tankers, two bulkers and a cargo ship all aged between 19 and 21 years … another of the company’s tankers has hauled Iranian crude in the last year, according to United Against Nuclear Iran.

False Flagging: Are Vessels Using African Flags To Evade Sanctions? | The Africa Report

… “Tanzania has been responsive and quick to de-flag vessels involved in sanctioned trade after they are informed,” Claire Jungman of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), a US-based advocacy group, tells The Africa Report. The country does not have the resources to track vessels to the same extent as other countries, she adds, making it reliant on external organisations. This creates a loophole that can be exploited by those seeking to evade sanctions. False flagging is not limited to Tanzania alone. Since 2020, UANI’s letters have led to Cameroon deflagging eight tankers, Comoros deflagging five tankers, and Djibouti 11 tankers. Other countries that deflagged tankers include Gabon (10), Liberia (14), Sierra Leone (five), Tanzania (22), and Togo (three). All these were suspected of transporting sanctioned Iranian oil. Additional media coverage by TFI Global.

Iran’s Oil Exports Remain Elevated | Lloyds List

…Iran’s oil exports remained robust, with the Islamic Republic shipping about 1.15m barrels per day last month, according to tanker-tracking data from monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran. Close to 1m barrels were sent to China, which accounted for nearly 80% of exports. Syria accounted for about 7.4%, while the destinations of the remaining 13.2% are unknown. China’s reopening is expected to buoy its oil import demand, which could further increase its appetite for sanctioned Iranian barrels.

AI & AIS Screening: Big Data Can Have Big Impact On Shipping’s Sanctions Risk Management | TradeWinds

…Tracking ships using satellite imagery was something other organisations, like TankerTrackers and United Against Nuclear Iran, have done manually in the past to trail illicit players. Since the invasion began last year, Skytek has published several reports on the situation at Ukrainian ports, including on ships trapped there, and the super-yachts owned by Russian oligarchs sanctioned in the immediate aftermath of the invasion.

Oil Spills And Near Misses: More Ghost Tankers Ship Sanctioned Fuel | Reuters

…The number of tankers transporting Iranian crude and products – excluding the state's own fleet – has risen to above 300 this month from 70 in November 2020, said Claire Jungman, chief of staff at U.S. advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which tracks Iranian-related tanker traffic via satellite data. Additional media coverage by Claims Journal, Financial Times, TradeWinds,

Ominous Oceans: Shadow Tankers Endanger Global Waters |

…In eastern China, the Arzoyi tanker, which analysis from advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) showed was carrying Iranian oil, ran aground, causing a minor oil spill.

Dark Sanctioned Tanker In Collision With Ship Off Venezuela | Lloyds List

…The US Treasury Department blacklisted Bueno and 10 other vessels last November over alleged links to an Iranian oil-smuggling network. The ship was subsequently deflagged by the Djibouti International Ship Registry. Its current flag is unknown. The ship has been in Venezuela since 2021, according to US monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran.

Group: Oil Tanker Tied To US-Traded Firm Receiving Iran Oil | Associated Press

…Satellite photos and maritime tracking data analyzed by The Associated Press put the Belgian-flagged crude oil tanker Oceania just next to the Vietnamese-flagged tanker Abyss for a possible ship-to-ship transfer. The group United Against Nuclear Iran has warned the Oceania’s owner, the Antwerp-based Euronav, that it believes the Abyss took on Iranian crude oil in late February. Additional media coverage by Hellenic Shipping News.

Euronav Tanker Takes On Iran Oil, Says UANI | Lloyd’s List

…An ultra large crude carrier tanker owned by US-listed Euronav is alleged to have undertaken a ship-to-ship transfer at Malaysia’s Sungai Linggi anchorage with a Vietnam-agged aframax tanker purportedly carrying US-sanctioned Iranian oil, according to the lobby group United Against Nuclear Iran. Additional media coverage by Lloyd’s List.

Falsely Flagged Vessels Pose ‘Grave Threat’ To Global Maritime Rules | TradeWinds

The 299,000-dwt Roma (built 2000) loaded crude from Kharg Island, Iran, with its AIS transponder turned on, according to United Against Nuclear Iran, which tracks tankers that breach US sanctions on Iran. It said foreign-flag vessels typically turn off their AIS to disguise where they are loading to avoid potential legal and financial problems with the US authorities.

Iran Oil Exports Remain Firm As US Senators Call For Pressure | Lloyd's List

Iran’s oil exports remained robust in March as China continued to demonstrate appetite for Iranian barrels, preliminary figures from United Against Nuclear Iran show. The Islamic Republic exported about 1.2m barrels per day last month. That marks a double-digit decline from March 2022, which was one of its strongest months in the last three years. Almost three quarters of them were shipped to China, UANI’s tanker tracking data show.

Blacklisted Russian And Iranian Ships: Trading Patterns And Partners Revealed | Lloyd’s List

“China’s demand of Iranian oil did not change in 2022,” said US monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran chief of staff Claire Jungman. “If anything, we saw more Iranian oil exported there.”

Risk & Compliance: The Rise Of The Dark Fleet | Lloyd’s List

“China’s demand of Iranian oil did not change in 2022,” said US monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran chief of staff Claire Jungman. “If anything, we saw more Iranian oil exported there.” While fewer on-the-radar port calls are being made by Iran’s sanctioned oil tankers, there has been an increase in AIS gaps on the route running through the Singapore Strait. According to Lloyd’s List Intelligence vessel-tracking data, there were 63 AIS gaps associated with blacklisted Iranian crude oil tankers, up from 27 in 2021. “We are seeing more AIS gaps in the Singapore Strait and more dark ship-toship transfers occurring in the area,” said Ms Jungman. “I believe this increase in STS transfers from sanctioned tankers to non-sanctioned tankers allows more exports of Iranian oil and is more efficient for Iran because they do not have to go all the way to China.”

The Lloyd’s List Podcast: Why Shipping Is Not Ready For Sanctions Enforcement | Lloyd's List

Industry experts, including UANI’s Chief of Staff Claire Jungman, joined the Lloyd’s List Risk and Compliance webinar, and all agreed — the shipping industry is still not taking sanctions compliance seriously enough, and too many companies lack the tools and expertise to dig deep enough into deceptive practices to satisfy regulatory scrutiny.

Iran Seizes Chinese Oil Tanker, Raising Questions About The Two Countries' Alliance | Washington Free Beacon

…"China has long served as a lifeline for Iran, especially since the U.S. reimposed sanctions on the Iranian oil industry," Claire Jungman, chief of staff for United Against a Nuclear Iran, told the Free Beacon. "Was this a miscalculation from Iran, or has Iran become so brazen that even its close ally China is immune?

US Seizure Of Oil Vessel Triggered Iran Tanker Capture | Financial Times

…The Suez Rajan’s alleged involvement in the trade in Iranian oil, which is sanctioned by the US, was revealed in February 2022 by United Against Nuclear Iran, a pressure group. The news led to a civil legal action in Manhattan by families of victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. In a broader case that remains ongoing, they sought to have the US seize the Iranian oil carried by the Suez Rajan in order to help pay compensation that a US court in 2018 had found they were owed by Iran for its role in the attacks.

Iran Continues Piracy Against Foreign Vessels – Analysis | Jerusalem Post

…Claire Jungman of UANI posted a tweet online showing the tanker apparently now off the port of Bandar Abbas. Bloomberg News said that the tanker was seized Thursday and was carrying crude oil from Kuwait. It said that it had 24 crew who were from India.

Dark Fleet Tanker Pablo Changed Flags Six Days Before Fatal Casualty | Lloyd’s List

… United Against Nuclear Iran had provided prior governments and registries with evidence that Pablo, formerly named Adisa, Mockingbird, and Helios, was manipulating its vessel-tracking transponder and taking on Iranian oil cargoes, resulting in their removal.

Blazing Tanker Was Repeatedly De-Flagged Over Iran Claims | TradeWinds

… The 96,800-dwt Pablo (built 1997) was deleted from three different registries from June 2021 to October 2022 following its alleged involvement in sanctioned ship-to-ship oil transfers and an Iranian port call, said United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which has been tracking its movements. Additional media coverage by Lloyd’s List, Maritime Executive, TradeWinds, Baird Maritime, and Insurance Marine News.

Iran Tanker Seizures Seen as Part of Shadow War With America | New York Sun

…The initial tip to the DoJ that the Suez Rajan was evading America’s oil embargo against Iran came from United Against Nuclear Iran, an organization that monitors the Islamic Republic’s violations of sanctions. Intercepting the vessel’s oil smuggling seems to have triggered retaliation, as the IRGC seized oil tankers in the gulf. We “strongly suspect that the seizure of the Niovi is related to a dispute over a shipment of Iranian oil,” UANI’s chief of staff, Claire Jungman, a “tracker of tricky oil tankers, especially from Iran,” tweeted. UANI has followed closely the Suez Rajan, Ms. Jungman told the Sun.

Iranian Oil Keeps Flowing Despite Sanctions | Lloyd’s List

…Preliminary data from United Against Nuclear Iran showed Iran exported more than 1.2m barrels per day in April, almost 900,000 of which were destined for China.

How The 'Dark Fleet' Transports The World's Sanctioned Oil | Australian Broadcasting Corporation

A smouldering fuel tanker off the Malaysian coast is raising questions about how some countries might be skirting international sanctions, like those imposed against Russia. Experts around the world say the ship is part of a trend, known as the 'dark fleet'. UANI Chief of Staff Claire Jungman is a featured guest in our conversation.

Iran May Continue Tanker Seizures Despite Increased Focus From US Navy, Analysts Say | Stars And Stripes

… But some analysts think the seizure of the Niovi might have been staged by Iran. The ship was not carrying any cargo at the time, and it has a history of being used to skirt sanctions by receiving Iranian oil. Leaked emails suggest that the Niovi’s seizure is connected to a legal dispute with a company sanctioned by the U.S. government, Claire Jungman, chief of staff at the nongovernmental organization United Against Nuclear Iran, tweeted Wednesday.

Iranian Piracy In The Persian Gulf Is A Growing Threat – Analysis | Jerusalem Post

…Claire Jungman of UANI noted that “we have located the tanker NIOVI in the anchorage north of Larak Island, #Iran. ADVANTAGE SWEET remains in the Bandar Abbas anchorage northeast of where NIOVI can be found.” This may be the beginning of a new Iranian naval campaign to increase pressure on the US and shipping.

Greek Manager Says It Has ‘Done Nothing’ To Justify Iran Seizure Of VLCC | TradeWinds

…United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), a Washington-based group pushing for sanctions against Tehran, suspects that the dispute might be connected with a ship-to-ship transfer operation in July 2020 that linked the Niovi to the 300,000-dwt Oman Pride (built 1998) — a vessel later sanctioned by the US. Additional media coverage by News Break.

Iran’s Seizure Of Niovi Vessel ‘Entirely Staged’: TankersTrackers | Iran International

…Claire Jungman, Chief of Staff of US-based non-profit advocacy organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) said a tweet that after reviewing leaked documents UANI strongly suspects the seizure of the Niovi is related to a dispute over a shipment of Iranian oil, tied to the sanctioned company ASB Group. She further claimed that the oil from the Niovi was sold to another company, without ASB Group's permission while there are numerous mentions by ASB Group stating that it did not receive payment for the cargo.

What Is Iran Doing In The Strait Of Hormuz? | The National

…Tehran on Wednesday announced that the Niovi had been seized because of a private complaint and a subsequent order by relevant judicial authorities, the Irna said, without giving additional details. “Our belief is that the Niovi tanker was seized as part of a legal dispute. In 2020, Niovi was suspected of transporting Iranian oil to China,” said Claire Jungman, chief of staff of the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran.

Satellite Images Show Tankers Iran Seized Off Bandar Abbas | Associated Press

…United Against a Nuclear Iran, which has tracked sanctioned crude shipments by Tehran, “strongly suspects the seizure of the Niovi is related to a dispute over a shipment of Iranian oil,” said Claire Jungman, the chief of staff of the organization. Iran has said it seized the Niovi over an unspecified court order in Tehran. Additional media coverage by National Review, TradeWinds, Lloyd’s List, Times Of Israel, KCRG, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty, Iran International, Hamodia, The National, CP24, Israel National News, La Ronge Northerner, NTD, Waikato Times.

ABS Withdraws Class From Tanker Over Suspected Iranian Cargo | Lloyd’s List

US classification society ABS has withdrawn class from the Panama-flagged very large crude carrier Wen Yao (IMO: 9288095), over potential sanctions violations uncovered by the monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran.

Iran Accused Of Using Seized Ships As Pawns In Political Game | The National

…Claire Jungman, chief of staff at the United Against a Nuclear Iran group in the US, agrees the seizure of the Niovi vessel “is related to a payment dispute for a shipment of Iranian oil.” She warned Iran “will likely hold that vessel until it receives payment.” Ms Jungman told The National that other shipping firms might adopt a more cautious approach to the region. “We have already seen Greece issue a series of warnings to ship owners to avoid sailing close to Iranian waters,” she said. “Similarly, the US Department of Transportation issued a warning for vessels to exercise increased caution when transiting the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman.”

Behind The Results In Persikos | Kathimerini

…In February 2022, the Suez Rajan was spotted offloading Iranian oil from another tanker off the coast of China, in violation of the US embargo on Iranian oil exports. The revelation was made by the American organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), which includes former diplomats and security officials of the US and Israel. UANI has an application that allows it to monitor via satellites the movements of tankers suspected of transporting Iranian oil.

17 Islamic Republic “Ghost Tankers” Transporting $1 Billion in Oil to Syria | The Foreign Desk

…“This news is not surprising. Syria is a longtime ally of Iran, with a number of cooperation agreements on oil and other sectors. Iran has been delivering oil to Syria before the JCPOA, during the JCPOA, and has continued to do so after the JCPOA,” said Claire Jungman, Chief of Staff of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).

Risks In The ‘Dark’: When Tankers Transfer Oil At Sea To Skirt Sanctions | TradeWinds Green Seas

A group of nations at the International Maritime Organization have warned of the risk of a spill from tankers transferring oil at sea while masking their location to avoid sanctions. To explore the environmental dangers, Green Seas talks to United Against Nuclear Iran’s Claire Jungman, Windward’s Ami Daniel, and NorthStandard’s Mike Salthouse.

‘Dark’ Ship-To-Ship Transfers Present Daily Risk In Sanctioned Tanker Trades | TradeWinds

When tankers carrying Iranian oil take steps to obscure where that commodity originated or where it is headed, Claire Jungman and her team are watching. The chief of staff at United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), who also runs the organisation’s programme using satellite imagery to track tankers that carry sanctioned Iranian oil and petrochemicals, said the group sees ship-to-ship (STS) transfers practically on a daily basis.

23 Defects, Eight Different Names: What A Dark Fleet Tanker Looks Like | Bloomberg

…Since 2019, Titan has hauled a series of Iranian crude oil shipments, according to data intelligence company Kpler. The vessel carried about 16 million barrels of Iranian oil in 2022, according to data from United Against Nuclear Iran, which tracks the nation’s crude exports. Additional media coverage by Insurance Journal.

Dissident Group: Iran Has ‘Very Elaborate’ Oil Sanctions Evasion Operation | Washington Times

…A 2021 report by The Washington Times citing data from United Against Nuclear Iran, which tracks Iranian crude oil purchases, outlined how Beijing’s purchases steadily increased following Mr. Biden’s election. Because Iran has so few other significant buyers, China has been able to demand a steep discount for the oil it purchases from Iran.

Iran Oil Exports Reach Record Levels In May | Lloyd's List

Iran's oil exports reached new highs last month, with preliminary figures from monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran showing Tehran shipped more than 1.5m barrels per day. Barring any significant downward revision, this would be the most oil exported by Iran since early 2019, when waivers issued by the Trump administration following the reimposition of sanctions expired. "Iran is competing with Russia to sell its oil and is succeeding, with last month’s oil exports reaching record levels,” UANI chief of staff Claire Jungman told Lloyd’s List. “We have not seen any sanctions from the US administration since March 2023, despite secretary of state Anthony Blinken’s commitment to enforce sanctions against Iran. There are several vessels to be sanctioned, owners and operators. Instead, we see the same vessels shuttle Iranian oil back and forth over and over again.”

Iran Holding Tanker As 'Bargaining Chip For Disputed Oil Deal Payment' | The National

Iran is holding a tanker as a “bargaining chip” on behalf of company involved in a dispute over an oil shipment, a group that monitors Tehran's efforts to evade sanctions has said. United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) said it was “highly likely” the Niovi had been seized on the direct orders of the regime and is being held after a subsidiary of Turkey's ASB group claimed a shipment of its oil was sold to a third party without its consent. The Niovi was seized on May 3 and had previously been shipping crude for ASB, which was hit with US sanctions after being accused of facilitating the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of oil for the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

US Senators Voice Support For Seizure Of Iranian Oil, Call For More | Iran International

…One thing which is clear, both vessels — the Cyprus-flagged Arina and Liberia-flagged Nostos — tried to discharge the oil at a storage facility in Turkey, according to the New York-based group United Against Nuclear Iran. Instead, they were detected by US authorities and ordered to unload their cargo, which the Nostos did in Houston around Thanksgiving last year and Arina more recently, in January, in the Bahamas, according to the AP. Arina, which was formerly Panama-flagged and its last listed manager is Athens-based Saint James Shipping Ltd., had previously been known to ship illegal Iranian crude, US attorneys allege in a civil complaint filed in Washington federal court.

U.S. Launches Quiet Diplomatic Push With Iran To Cool Tensions | Wall Street Journal

… And while Biden administration officials insist they are implementing U.S. sanctions, Iranian oil sales continue to grow, with Iran reported to have exported as much as 1.55 million barrels a day in May, according to the United Against Nuclear Iran’s tanker tracker. Additional media coverage by Lloyd’s List.

Ghost Ship Saga Reveals Challenge Of Ageing Ships And A Flawed System | TradeWinds

… In each of the last four years, tracking data suggests the Saver 3 has called in Iran and is on a “ghost armada” list of more than 300 ships compiled by campaign group United Against Nuclear Iran that have hauled oil in breach of US sanctions.

Iran Crude Exports Fall From Record Post-Sanction Highs Amid China Checks | TradeWinds

… The country’s ‘teapot’ refineries are the biggest buyers of Iranian crude, propelling China’s imports of Iranian barrels to more than 1m bpd over the last three months, according to tanker trackers from pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran. It said the United Arab Emirates and Syria are also significant buyers. It has identified 340 tankers that have carried Iranian crude and petroleum products since former US President Donald Trump reimposed sanctions in 2018.

Flashpoint Iran | Voice of America

Committee to Protect Journalists’ Yeganeh Rezaian on why Iran put female reporters Niloofar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi on trial in May and left them in limbo. International Crisis Group’s Naysan Rafati on why Iran’s relations with West are worsening despite recent diplomatic contacts. United Against Nuclear Iran’s Claire Jungman on China getting cautious about importing Iranian oil.

Iran’s Oil Exports Have Hit A Five-Year High Point | Lloyd’s List

Iran’s oil exports remained robust throughout the first half of the year, averaging 1.3m barrels per day, data from US pressure group UANI shows. Amid reports of a deal with the US that could provide certain sanction relief, the IEA believes Iran could ramp up production from the five-year high of 3.01m bpd in June to 3.8m bpd. SEABORNE oil is being shipped from Iranian ports at a pace not seen since sanctions were reimposed by the Trump administration five years ago. After reaching a post-sanctions record of over 1.5m barrels per day in May, June was another strong month for Iranian oil, with exports surpassing at 1.4m bpd, preliminary figures from US pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran show. Additional media coverage by TradeWinds.

Iranian Oil Is Stuck Off Coast Of Texas, But U.S. Firms Won’t Touch It | Wall Street Journal

… People familiar with the case say the Suez Rajan came under U.S. government scrutiny only after a nonprofit organization that has advocated for comprehensive sanctions against Tehran—the New York-based United Against Nuclear Iran, or UANI—accused the ship of carrying the sanctioned oil, citing satellite photos and ship-tracking data. Lawyers representing 9/11 victims and their families, whom U.S. courts have given the right to claim compensation from Iran’s government, also filed suit against one of the ship’s former owners. Additional media coverage by Maritime Executive, The Cradle, Intel Drop, Ostrowski Agency, News Beezer, and Jerusalem Post.

Panama Elected To Head U.N. Shipping Agency, Despite Concern Over Sanctions Evasion | The Foreign Desk

…“Panama’s association with enabling sanctions evasions through the use of its flagged tankers for transporting sanctioned Iranian oil warrants a careful re-evaluation of our maritime choices,” Claire Jungman, chief of staff at advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran, said. “The rise in sanctions evasions and the crucial demand for more rigorous safety checks cast doubt on the suitability of Panama’s victory. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that none of the other options in the final round of voting offered a seamless solution either,” Jungman told The Foreign Desk. Additional media coverage by Reuters, TradeWinds, and WNWN.

US National Gets 41 Months In Prison For Violating Sanctions On Iran | Lloyd’s List

… Russ was sold to ship breakers in India for $3.1m in 2017, but Hermes is still sailing, and a Lloyd’s List analysis using data from Lloyd’s List Intelligence and data from United Against Nuclear Iran suggests the vessel was still active in Iranian LPG trade until at least last summer.

Iran's Illicit Oil Exports Hit Five-Year High | Washington Free Beacon

… Iran is exporting nearly 1.5 million barrels per day in total, with nearly 1.4 million of those going to Beijing. From June to July, oil exports to China rose by about 300,000 barrels per day, according to statistics published Tuesday by United Against a Nuclear Iran, a watchdog group that tracks Tehran's illicit oil tankers. "It is China's unwavering demand for Iranian crude that remains the key constant and critical lifeline for Iran’s oil exports," the group said.

The Hidden Victims Of The Shadow Fleet | Hakai Magazine

… the Pablo had spent years smuggling Iranian oil. The vessel also featured on a list of ships under investigation for sanctions-busting by the organization United Against Nuclear Iran. It quickly became clear that for as long as Tripathi had been working on the ship, the vessel he’d called home had been smuggling oil for the Iranian regime. Additional media coverage by Popular Science.

Biden Urged To Resolve Suez Rajan Debacle Amid Rising Tensions In Strait Of Hormuz | Lloyd's List

…China was the destination for more than 90% of these exports, according to UANI. Earlier this year, former US special envoy for Iran Robert Malley vowed that the US will pressure China to curb its purchases of Iranian oil. The continued strength of Iran’s exports, especially to China, raises questions over the US' willingness or ability to enforce its sanctions. Biden urged to resolve Suez Rajan debacle amid rising tensions in Strait of Hormuz. “With or without sanctions enforcement, Iran will employ many methods to evade sanctions, such as using deceptive shipping practices, employing front companies, and exploiting legal loopholes,” UANI’s chief of staff Claire Jungman told Lloyd’s List.

A Tanker Believed To Hold Sanctioned Iran Oil Starts Offloading Near Texas Despite Tehran's Threats | Associated Press

…The saga over the Suez Rajan began in February 2022, when the group United Against Nuclear Iran said it suspected the tanker carried oil from Iran’s Khargh Island, its main oil distribution terminal in the Persian Gulf. Claire Jungman, the chief of staff at United Against Nuclear Iran, praised the transfer finally happening. "By depriving the (Guard) of crucial resources, we strike a blow against terrorism that targets not only American citizens but also our global allies and partners,” Jungman told the AP. Additional media coverage by, NBC San Antonio, , NBC Richmond, , CBS Austin, PA Homepage, , ABC San Antonio, Fox San Antonio, WSAV, The Yazoo Herald, WDBO Orlando, Collinsville Daily News, , KTRB-AM, The Edwardsville Intelligencer, Click Orlando, KNTH-AM, Kodoom, WORL-FM, KTIE-AM, CTV News, Flipboard, The Dubai Grid, West ObserverNewsWall, Lloyd’s List, Maritime Executive.

Will A Tanker In The Gulf Of Mexico Spark New Iran Tensions? – Analysis | Jerusalem Post

…Analysts believe the vessel’s cargo likely had been seized by American officials, though there still were no public court documents early Sunday involving the Suez Rajan.” United Against Nuclear Iran had said in February that the tanker was suspected of carrying Iranian oil. On February 15, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) identified illicit Iranian oil smuggling through a Ship-to-Ship Transfer to the vessel Suez Rajan, the organization said back in March 2023.

Pentagon: Iran Did Not Intercept US Navy Vessels | Newsmax

…The saga over the Suez Rajan began in February 2022, when the group United Against Nuclear Iran said it suspected the tanker carried oil from Iran’s Khargh Island, its main oil distribution terminal in the Persian Gulf.

Biden Abandons Sanctions Against Iran | New York Sun

… Last February, United Against Nuclear Iran reported that an oil tanker, the Suez Rajan, was smuggling oil from Iran’s Khargh Island in violation of American sanctions. The American Navy reportedly seized the tanker, and today, the AP reports, its cargo of crude, worth up to $56 million, started being offloaded at Galveston, Texas.

Iran Summons Swiss Diplomat Over US Seizure of Iranian Crude Oil That’s Now At Port In Houston | Associated Press

… The saga over the Suez Rajan began in February 2022, when the group United Against Nuclear Iran said it suspected the tanker carried oil from Iran’s Khargh Island, its main oil distribution terminal in the Persian Gulf.

China Gobbles Record Amounts Of Iranian Oil As Tehran’s Exports Reach New Highs | Lloyd's List

…According to UANI, six tankers joined the sanctions trade in August, bringing the total of ships spotted lifting Iranian cargoes since November 2020 to 350. “The key to understanding this oil export surge lies in the relaxation of sanctions enforcement by the Biden administration, particularly to China,” UANI’s chief of staff Claire Jungman and research director Daniel Roth said in a report. “This approach has opened avenues for Iran to revive and significantly increase its exports.”

The Suez Rajan: The Odyssey Of An Oil Tanker Caught In US-Iran Tensions | World Today News

…In February 2022, the American organization United Against Nuclear Iran accuse le Suez Rajan, a ship flying the flag of the Marshall Islands, of having used “multiple deceptive maneuvers to transport Iranian crude”. The tanker would have recovered its cargo via a transhipment from the Virgo, a tanker which had filled its tanks a few days earlier at an oil terminal on the island of Kharg, the main export channel for Iranian oil, in the Persian Gulf.

Tankers Brace As Saudi And Russia Slash Production Through 2023 | Lloyd's List

…It also noted that the US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela were loosening, which could ease high oil prices. Iran is ramping up output and exports, with September production expected to reach 3.4m bpd — just 400,000 bpd short of its all-time high. August shipments to China already hit a record over 1.5m bpd, taking in over 90% of Iran’s total exports, according to preliminary figures from tanker trackers at US monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran. Additionally, Western sanctions on Russian oil will be tested with Urals crude firmly breaching the G7 price cap. Supply constraints risk further pump price increases.

Greek Shipper Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Iranian Crude Oil And Will Pay $2.4 Million Fine | Associated Press

…Attention focused on the Suez Rajan beginning in February 2022, when the group United Against Nuclear Iran said it suspected the tanker carried oil from Iran’s Khargh Island, its main oil distribution terminal in the Persian Gulf. For months, the ship sat in the South China Sea off the northeast coast of Singapore before suddenly sailing for the Gulf of Mexico without explanation. The vessel discharged its cargo to another tanker, which released its oil in Houston, Texas, in recent days. The court documents seen Thursday confirm the U.S. government seized the oil. The development received additional coverage from, Asharq Al-Awsat, Lloyd’s List, Financial Times, Greek Reporter, and Trade Winds.

Court Filings Reveal Iranian Oil Smuggling Scheme That Led To US Seizure, Middle East Flare-Up | Stars And Stripes

…After the nongovernmental organization United Against Nuclear Iran raised concerns of smuggling, the ship sat for months off the coast of Singapore before sailing for the Gulf of Mexico with seemingly no explanation, the AP reported at the time. The tanker arrived off the coast of Texas on May 30, Reuters reported at the time. The unsealed court filings revealed that Empire Navigation had made a deal with the U.S. to bring the Suez Rajan to Texas so the oil could be seized, The New York Times report said.

Greek Tanker Company Fined $2.4M By U.S. For Handling Iranian Oil | Maritime Executive

…The watchdog group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) regularly highlights the movements of tankers illustrating the Iranian regime's efforts to avoid the sanctions. They called attention to the Suez Rajan. The group has identified approximately 300 tankers it believes are involved in the efforts to transport sanctioned Iranian oil products. The group highlights the use of the so-called shadow fleet, efforts at regularly disguising or turning off AIS signals, and ship-to-ship transfers mostly in Asia before sending the oil to China. Iran admits that it is increasing its shipments of crude oil saying that it has reached the levels prior to the Trump administration. Commodity intelligence firm Kpler estimates Iran is exporting 1 to 1.5 million barrels of oil a day while Tehran now claims to be exporting nearly 2 million barrels a day.

Shipping Company In Greece Fined $2.4B For Breaching Iran Sanctions | Al Monitor

…In February, the manager of Empire Navigation had said the company was investigating whether Iranian oil had been transferred onto one of the vessels it manages. The announcement came after the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran said in a Feb. 15 letter that it believed Iranian oil was transferred to the Suez Rajan from a ship called the Virgo on Feb. 13. Suez Rajaz Limited pleaded guilty April 19. Empire Navigation faces three years of probation under a plea agreement with the United States. Circumvention of the sanctions against Iran can have serious consequences, such as losing access to the US dollar financial system or having all assets seized.

US Says It Disrupts Illicit Oil Shipment By Iran's IRGC, Seizes Contraband Crude | Reuters

…"It's a message to every Iranian smuggler that there is an off ramp from the mob," said Mark Wallace, chief executive of U.S. advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran, which uses satellite images to track tanker movement and first noted that the Suez Rajan had taken on the oil from another tanker. Empire Navigation should be applauded for its cooperation with US authorities, Wallace added. Participants attempted to disguise the origin of the oil using ship-to-ship transfers, false automatic identification system reporting, falsified documents and other means, the DOJ said, adding that the charterer of the vessel used the U.S. financial system to facilitate the transportation of Iranian oil.

U.S Confirms Seizing Illicit Iranian Oil Cargo Onboard Tanker Suez Rajan Earlier This Year | Marine Insight

…Mark Wallace, chief executive of the U.S. advocacy group ‘United Against Nuclear Iran’, said, “It’s a message to every Iranian smuggler that there is an off-ramp from the mob.” Mark uses satellite imagery to track the movement of tankers, and he first noticed that the tanker Suez Rajan had taken on the Oil from another tanker.

USA Confirms April Seizure Of Tanker Carrying Iran Oil | Rigzone

…USA non-partisan organization United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) started reporting on the transport of Iranian oil by Suez Rajan last year. "The oil was destined for purchasers in China before UANI’s discovery and public intervention, which effectively stranded the cargo and denied Iran its expected revenue from this oil smuggling operation", UANI said in an update February 15, 2023.

Justice Department Announces First Criminal Resolution Involving The Illicit Sale And Transport Of Iranian Oil In Violation Of U.S. Sanctions | Homeland Security Today

… The Counterintelligence and Export Control Section of the National Security Division is also prosecuting and litigating these matters. The Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section of the Criminal Division provided significant assistance in this matter. The Department thanks United Against Nuclear Iran for its valuable assistance.

U.S. Confirms Seizure Of Illicit Iranian Oil Cargo Aboard Tanker Suez Rajan Earlier This Year | Sea and Coast

…Mark Wallace, CEO of the U.S. advocacy group 'United Against Nuclear Iran,' remarked, “It’s a message to every Iranian smuggler that there is an off-ramp from the mob.” Wallace, who utilizes satellite imagery to track tanker movements, was the first to notice that the Suez Rajan had received the oil from another vessel.

US Seizes 1 Million Barrels Of Iranian Oil Allegedly En Route To China | Great Game India

…Vessels identified as the Virgo (left) and the Suez Rajan (right) by the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran, are seen in the South China Sea on Feb. 13, 2022.

Suez Rajan Ltd Guilty Plea To US Commerce Offences Is Published After Five Months Under Wraps | World Ports Org

…The transfer was spotted through the use of satellite photographs and transponder analysis by US pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran.

Suez Rajan Cases Raise Questions Over Iran’s Crude Dealings And US Sanctions | TradeWinds

… United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), a non-profit group that tracks Tehran’s energy exports and tipped off officials to the Suez Rajan transfer, already had the Virgo on its radar when it delivered nearly 1m barrels to the suezmax last year. Chief of staff Claire Jungman, who leads the ship tracking programme, told TradeWinds the vessel is one of several that she watches every day. However, the VLCC is not listed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (Ofac) list of sanctioned vessels. That is despite the evidence of furtive cargo transfers and even though the US Treasury Department has labelled the shipping network of the Revolutionary Guards as “terror proxies” in 2019, and even though one shipping company has already admitted to taking cargo from the vessel while its location transponder was not broadcasting.

How A Burnt Out, Abandoned Ship Reveals The Secrets Of A Shadow Tanker Network | The Guardian

…According to Claire Jungman, chief of staff for US watchdog group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), the Pablo was one such vessel that posed a threat. “It was one of our repeat offenders. We have a list of 50 tankers that routinely shuttle Iranian oil and Pablo was one of them,” she says. Jungman routinely tracks up to 300 sanction-busting tankers all around the world. Once a vessel is identified by her team they often inform flag carriers – the country that the tanker is sailing under – in the hope that they will withdraw their flag.

Iran’s Oil Smuggling, Sanctions, and Ongoing Tensions: A Deep Dive | Iran News Update

…This case is linked to the Iranian regime’s oil smuggling through the Suez Rajan oil tanker. The smuggling documents were revealed by the ‘United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).’ This incident highlighted the Iranian regime’s attempts to load crude oil from Khark Island in the Persian Gulf and smuggle it. This piece was also circulated in Dryad Global.

Iran’s Oil Exports Have Soared During Quiet Diplomacy With U.S. | Wall Street Journal

…Nonprofit organizations including United Against Nuclear Iran, a New York group that campaigns against Tehran’s nuclear program, have publicly identified many of the prohibited Iranian exports spotted in seas and ports around the globe. The group, using satellite imagery and transponder data, has detailed scores of tankers carrying Iranian oil that remain untouched by U.S. sanctions or prosecutions. Iran’s state shipping company, National Iranian Tanker Company, a target of U.S. sanctions, says it has been able to ship oil to its biggest customer, China, unimpeded.

The Trade In Sanctioned Oil Is Booming As The US Turns A Blind Eye | The Guardian

…Despite such efforts, the trade in sanctioned oil from countries like Russia and Iran has boomed over the last year. Iranian monthly oil exports alone hit an estimated five-year-high in August of this year, according to watchdog group United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI). The group estimate that 91% of that oil was imported by China.

Suez Rajan: Falsified Documents, Fake Signals, A Captain’s Protests And A Sea Of Questions | TradeWinds

When a VLCC transferred an oil cargo onto an Empire Navigation vessel in February 2022, it was just a fraction of the many millions of barrels of the commodity that US authorities claim the tanker had helped move from Iran to China. That is why it was being watched by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) and how that ship-to-ship transfer would lead 19 months later to the first criminal conviction in the US of this type of sanctions busting earlier this month.

Incremental Increases To Iran’s Rejuvenated Oil Exports Likely To Have ‘Muted’ Effect On Mainstream Tanker Market | Lloyds List

Preliminary figures from UANI show Iran exported more than 1.5m barrels per day for second consecutive month in September, amid lax sanctions enforcement by the US. However, there is enough dark fleet capacity to swallow any further incremental production increases, BRS says, so any impact on mainstream tankers will be muted.

Suezmax Tanker Accused Of Being Part Of The Dark Fleet Sold For Recycling | TradeWinds

…The Bradley and Gulf Venture were, like the Alana, on pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)’s list of vessels allegedly carrying Iranian oil exports. All three passed through the hands of multiple obscure owners and managers over the past few years.

Iran Has Made $80 Billion In Illicit Oil Sales Since Biden Took Office | Washington Free Beacon

…"Iran has generated approximately $80 billion in revenue from oil sales under the Biden administration," according to Claire Jungman, chief of staff at United Against a Nuclear Iran, a watchdog group that closely tracks Tehran’s illicit oil exports and arsenal of tankers. A large portion of this oil is shipped into China, which counts Tehran as one of its top patrons.

Iran Pushes Back Against 'Dark Fleet' Crackdown | TradeWinds

…Iran relies on the so-called “dark”, “shadow”, or “ghost” fleet of tankers that operate outside of mainstream tanker markets because of US sanctions. United Against Nuclear Iran, a campaign group that tracks Iranian shipping, said it had identified more than 350 tankers involved in the trade of Iranian crude and oil products.

Iran Oil Sales Are Surging And Hamas Is Terrorizing. Is Biden To Blame? | Washington Post

… In particular, China has become adept at evading U.S. sanctions by arranging for many buyers of Iranian oil to be small, semi-independent refineries known as “teapots.” Such entities accounted for about one-fifth of China’s worldwide oil imports, according to Reuters. “With their small size and limited business operations, teapots are both hard to uncover and not exposed to the U.S. financial system,” according to a report last month by the advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran.

Oil Tankers Detained Off Malaysia After ‘Unauthorised’ STS Operation | TradeWinds

Campaign group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) identified the two vessels and posted a satellite image of the ships side-by-side on Tuesday. The group said the transfer involved an Iranian cargo. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) said it was investigating a case of conducting STS operations and anchoring without permission. The two captains are also being investigated for obstructing the duties of a public servant. Both offences carry potential fines and terms of imprisonment, the MMEA said in a statement.

Malaysia Detains Two Tankers Accused Of Trading Iranian Oil | Maritime Executive

…While they are investigating the circumstances of the situation discovered earlier this week, the not-for-profit group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) posted online citing the vessels as the latest example of the ongoing trade in sanctioned Iranian oil by the shadow fleet of tankers.

Malaysia Detains Tankers Over Illegal STS Operation | Splash 247

…A not-for-profit, non-partisan organisation United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) has identified two vessels conducting an illegal ship-to-ship (STS) transfer of Iranian crude. UANI posted a satellite image on the X platform – formerly Twitter – of the Honduras-flagged 27-year-old 300,361 dwt tanker Artemis III and the Panama-flagged 19-year-old 159,106 dwt Ocean Hermana conducting STS transfer in the Riau Archipelago. After the image was posted to X on Tuesday, Malaysian authorities arrested the vessels which refused to cooperate with an inspection.

Tanker Used To Offload Suez Rajan’s Iranian Cargo In Houston Reportedly Sold For $20.8m | Lloyd’s List

…Lloyd’s List understands that the Suez Rajan’s registered ownership was reconveyed back to Empire Navigation from Fleetscape in May, after the vessel’s cargo was seized, and that the financing was fully repaid. Empire Navigation has been approached for comment. US authorities first began investigating the Suez Rajan’s cargo in the winter of 2022 after monitoring group United Against Nuclear Iran alerted them the vessel received a cargo of Iranian crude oil via STS transfer.

China Guzzling Iranian Oil Despite U.S. Sanctions; Lawmakers Seek Stronger Enforcement | Washington Times

…“Hamas alone receives $100 million each year from its Iranian patrons, with horrific results,” asserts the “October 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker” analysis published Wednesday by United Against Nuclear Iran, a U.S.-based advocacy group critical of the Iranian regime. UANI researchers wrote that Iran has exported “well north of $80 billion worth of its oil” since the start of the Biden administration. “The barbaric atrocity inflicted by Iran-backed Hamas on Oct. 7 has reignited the question of how to stop billions of petro-dollars flowing to the head of the snake in Tehran,” they wrote.

US Could Return To Aggressive Sanctions Regime, Warns BRS | TradeWinds

…Pro-sanctions pressure group United Against a Nuclear Iran said China imported more than 1m barrels of oil per day in October, with Syria and the United Arab Emirates also receiving barrels. BRS said the UAE receives fuel oil. “Over recent months, the Biden administration has taken a more relaxed approach to policing Iran’s oil exports, which has permitted its shipments to creep upwards to their highest levels” since 2018, BRS said.

China Ignores U.S. Sanctions To Buy Massive Amounts Of Iranian Oil | Washington Times

…According to the “October 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker” by United Against Nuclear Iran, the Islamic republic has exported over $80 billion worth of oil since the Biden administration began. The analysis highlights China as the primary buyer, despite U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil sale profits and secondary sanctions on companies involved in shipping Iranian oil. China’s average purchase was around 1 million barrels per day in October, according to a recent Congressional Research Service report. Additional media coverage by Lloyd’s List and Iran International.

Biden Keeps The Billions Flowing To Iran | Wall Street Journal

…Iran exported nearly 1.4 million barrels of oil per day in October, sustaining its average for 2023. This is up 80% from the 775,000 barrels per day Iran averaged under the Trump Administration’s “maximum pressure” strategy, according to United Against Nuclear Iran, the group of former U.S. Ambassador Mark Wallace and Sen. Joe Lieberman, whose Tanker Tracker generates the best public data we have.

Millions Of Dollars In Proceeds As US Sells Iranian Crude Cargo Seized From Suez Rajan | TradeWinds

…The United Against Nuclear Iran flag flies near the Suez Rajan. The ship spent months anchored off Texas after it was seized.

Fresh US Sanctions Target Iran’s Oil Revenues For First Time In Months | Lloyd’s List

…US pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran welcomed Ofac’s actions but said they fell well short of what is needed to choke Iran’s revenue streams and hurt its ability to fund Hamas and its other proxies. “While Ofac’s sanctions on over 20 individuals and entities involved with Iran’s military and financial networks mark a significant step, it is imperative to acknowledge the shortcomings in these measures,” UANI’s chief of staff Claire Jungman told Lloyd’s List. “Specifically, the lack of designations on vessels transporting Iranian oil is a glaring oversight. Targeting the oil industry is a positive move, but to effectively disrupt Iran’s revenue streams that fund regional conflicts, a more comprehensive approach is necessary, one that includes sanctions on all elements of the supply chain, including these vessels.”

'Dark' Tanker Oil Transfers Rise Further With Suspected Sanctioned Trades | S&P Global

…With inflation concerns ahead of the 2024 elections, some analysts said the US is showing limited appetite to put further economic pressure on Iran and Venezuela, whose crude output has risen over the past 18 months. Both OPEC members are exempted from production quotas under the OPEC+ deal due to US sanctions. The monthly average of Iran's crude production was between 2.76 million b/d and 3.01 million b/d during Q3, the highest since 2018, according to the Platts OPEC survey by S&P Global. The official selling price of Iran Light, the country's main export grade, increased from $77.598/b in June to $96.767/b in September for Asian buyers. "Higher oil prices present greater profit margins for sanctioned trades, making them more attractive to illicit traders," said Claire Jungman, chief of staff at nonprofit United Against Nuclear Iran.

Dark’ Tanker Oil Transfers Rise Further With Suspected Sanctioned Trades | Hellenic Shipping News

…The monthly average of Iran’s crude production was between 2.76 million b/d and 3.01 million b/d during Q3, the highest since 2018, according to the Platts OPEC survey by S&P Global. The official selling price of Iran Light, the country’s main export grade, increased from $77.598/b in June to $96.767/b in September for Asian buyers. “Higher oil prices present greater profit margins for sanctioned trades, making them more attractive to illicit traders,” said Claire Jungman, chief of staff at nonprofit United Against Nuclear Iran.

Iranian ‘Ghost Fleet’ Evade Sanctions | NTD

China is a very close partner to Iran and Russia it's the largest purchaser of Iranian oil which helps the terrorism funding state evade sanctions the most. “So, the country that's benefiting most from this lax sanctions enforcement is China. China's able to purchase cheap oil not just from Iran but also from Venezuela and Russia as well and its economy benefits from that while other countries have higher oil prices.” Iran expert Claire Jungman believes the US has done nothing to stop oil sales into China. She says we should sanction the Chinese banks that make this possible.

Find Out Why The U.S. Is So Irritated With Panama And Its Flagging Of Ships To Iran | La Estrella de Panamá

...United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) will not rest until it sanctions the officials of the Maritime Authority of Panama (AMP) and the country, who disobey the call to cancel the flagging of the ships that "traffic Iranian oil" , whose revenues the regime uses to finance Hamas terrorist attacks, such as the attack on October 7 in Israel and the destabilization of activities of the Houthi insurgency operating in Yemen. This was stated to La Estrella de Panama by the CEO of the UANI, Mark Wallace, this Wednesday in an interview regarding a note sent on December 12, signed by 27 Republican senators to the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, in which warned that “48% of the fleet that transports Iranian oil is Panamanian-flagged.”

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UANI Response to Panama Maritime Authority Statement

Since August 2020 and via over almost 50 letters, United Against Nuclear Iran (“UANI”) has informed the Panama Maritime Authority (“AMP”) that 140 of its flagged vessels were suspected of being involved in the transport of Iranian oil. UANI relayed substantive and meticulously researched evidence to AMP, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Satellite imagery
  2. Bills of lading
  3. News publications on the vessels’ activity
  4. Cancellation certificates from other flag registries, classification societies and/or P&I clubs
  5. Evidence of the vessel manipulating or disablement of AIS transponder 

Panama’s Controversial Re-Flagging of Sanction-Violating Vessels: Prioritizing Profit Over Principles

The case of the Panama Maritime Authority’s re-flagging of vessels previously de-flagged by other nations due to Iran sanctions violations serves as a stark illustration of economic interests overshadowing ethical obligations. Notably, Panama is not only infamous for re-flagging but also for flagging vessels that violate sanctions. These decisions contradict the essence of the Registry Information Sharing Compact (RISC) agreement and, in turn, enable Iran’s illicit activities with devastating consequences that cannot be justified by financial gains.

Uncovering the Chinese Purchasers of Iranian Oil

China is principally responsible for keeping the Iranian regime in business through oil purchases that have totaled $47 billion since President Biden assumed office in January 2021 to December 2022.  This is despite U.S. sanctions that were reimposed in 2019 with the stated aim of reducing Iranian oil exports to zero. China has proven the savior of Tehran by continuing to import millions of barrels of oil every single day. Chinese imports have likely exceeded those made when the trade was not subject to U.S. sanctions.

Stop the Hop II: The Ghost Armada Grows

In November 2020, UANI identified 70 foreign vessels suspected of involvement in the illicit transfer of Iranian crude oil and/or petroleum products. Over two years later, the list has grown to 350. This suspected ghost armada, distinct from but complementing Iran’s own NITC tanker fleet, has skirted U.S. sanctions and exploited regulatory loopholes to ship millions of barrels of Iranian oil.

The Maduro-Khamenei Oil Alliance: List of Foreign Flagged Vessels Shipping Iranian and Venezuelan Oil

On June 11, 2022, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi signed a 20-year cooperation agreement to expand ties in the oil and petrochemical industries, the military, and the economy. Since then, bilateral ties have mushroomed, with Iran supplying over 26 million barrels of crude oil and gas condensate in 2022. In exchange, Venezuela has delivered about the same volume of fuel oil cargo to Iran. Most shipments are carried by National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) vessels– in both directions: once discharged of Iranian crude and gas in Venezuelan ports, the same NITC tankers load Venezuelan fuel oil on the return leg to Iran.

The Switch List: Tankers Shift From Carrying Iranian Oil to Russian Oil

On December 5, 2022, the G7, the European Union, and Australia agreed to a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil. The G7 price cap allows non-EU countries to continue importing seaborne Russian crude oil, but prohibits shipping, insurance, and reinsurance companies from handling cargoes of Russian crude around the globe, unless it is being sold for less than the price cap. EU countries have separately implemented an embargo that prohibits them from purchasing seaborne Russian oil. In an attempt to overcome these curbs on the country’s oil, Russia has established its own shadow fleet of tankers. These are mostly older vessels, many of which have experience working with sanctioned regimes such as Iran. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, more than 62 vessels previously involved in helping Tehran export Iranian export oil are now helping Moscow transport Russian oil or petroleum products.

Tanker Tracker Reports

January 2023 Iran Tanker Tracking

In the two years since the start of the Biden Administration, the Islamic Republic of Iran has managed to export just over 600 million barrels of oil to China, worth around $48 billion. When questioned about these eye-watering numbers this month, U.S. Special Envoy to Iran Rob Malley assured Bloomberg that the Biden team was “not fine with it.”  Unfortunately, Mr. Malley’s proposed remedy – to “intensify” talks with Beijing – is unlikely to prove much of a departure from the existing policy failure of “quiet diplomacy.”

February 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

Now more than halfway through President Biden’s four-year term, we are still left to wonder if the Administration will seriously address the biggest single sanction-busting scheme happening right under its nose – Iranian oil exports to China. At the current trajectory, China will have imported 1.2 billion barrels of Iranian oil during the Biden presidency, worth in the region of $100 billion.  In fact, recent higher figures suggest the total figure will be closer to 1.3 billion come January 2025. Surely there has never been a more flagrant, long-term, and lucrative example of U.S. sanctions abuse.

March 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

On March 12, Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji had encouraging news for the Islamic Republic regime.  “Iran’s oil exports have reached their highest level since the reimposition of U.S. sanctions in 2018,” reported Reuters on his announcement, with “83 million more barrels in the current year starting 21st March 2022 [that] were exported compared to the previous Iranian year running March 2021-2022.”

April 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

On April 21, Reuters reported that Chinese authorities were conducting more rigorous customs checks on Iranian oil imports entering the northeast province of Shandong, causing delays “after several Iranian [crude oil] cargos were [falsely] declared as bitumen….”  As a consequence, 9.6 million barrels are now awaiting customs clearance for entry. As UANI first noted twelve months ago in its regularly updated “Uncovering the Chinese Purchasers” resource, Shandong accounts for one-fifth of total Chinese oil imports and is the hub of almost all the major ‘teapot’ refineries that are actually taking Iranian deliveries.

May 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

Earlier this month, one of Iran’s “ghost armada” vessels, PABLO (IMO: 9133587), exploded off the coast of Malaysia, ten days after departing China. Three crew members are presumed dead, with others suffering severe burns. The cause of the explosion has not been confirmed, but it may have been caused by “vapors from the remains of the oil cargo.” This tragic incident highlights the risks that can arise when aging vessels are used to move illicit cargo and are “operating outside of Western oversight.”  The 300-plus vessels helping to transport Iranian oil are highly susceptible to such risks.

June 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

In the first week of June, the Stop Harboring Iranian Petroleum Act (SHIP Act) of 2023 (H.R. 3774) was introduced in the House by Representatives Reps. Mike Lawler (R-NY) and Jared Moskowitz (D-FL), and in the Senate by Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Maggie Hassan (D-NH). With its explicit focus on China’s central role in the Iran oil trade, SHIP is potentially critical legislation that seeks to “impose additional sanctions with respect to the importation or facilitation of the importation of petroleum products from Iran.”  Crucially, the bill recommends specific sanctions against any foreign person who “owns or operates a refinery that knowingly processes, refines, or otherwise deals in petroleum or petroleum products originating from Iran” [Section 3(b)(4)]. This means the clock is surely ticking for China’s “teapot” refineries.

July 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

The Iran Oil Show, once an authentically global gathering of multinational companies, is today a stark reflection of Tehran's mounting reliance on just two countries: Russia and China. The official handbook at this year's show – obtained by UANI in Tehran – lists barely a handful of non-Russian or non-Chinese foreign attendees. The slump is also indicative of Iran's self-inflicted isolation from the community of responsible nations. Over the past 18 months, Tehran's brutalization of its own citizens and provision of hundreds of kamikaze drones to Putin's war machine in Ukraine have not gone unnoticed among European and East Asian energy companies that normally comprise a big slice at the Iran Oil Show. Even the idea of simply attending a conference is evidently too great a reputational risk for former participants.

August 2023 Iran Tanker Tracker

This month, Iran’s oil exports reached levels not seen since 2017. During the first 20 days of August, Iran dispatched an average of two million barrels of oil daily. This marks a substantial increase of more than 30% compared to previous months. The key to understanding this oil export surge lies in the relaxation of sanctions enforcement by the Biden administration, particularly to China. This approach has opened avenues for Iran to revive and significantly increase its exports.

September 2023 Tanker Tracker

“Is Malaysia helping Iran skirt oil sanctions?” this blog asked in July 2019.  Four years and a billion barrels of oil later, the Guardian has asked the same, highlighting striking discrepancies noted in UANI data between official records from China and Malaysia: It was November 2022 and Chinese imports of Malaysian oil had reached a record high of more than one million barrels a day. The problem? Malaysia’s total national oil production was just 521,000 barrels a day, almost half of the amount China claimed it was importing.

October 2023 Tanker Tracker

The barbaric atrocity inflicted by Iran-backed Hamas on October 7 has reignited the question of how to stop billions of petro-dollars flowing to the head of the snake in Tehran. Since the start of the Biden administration, Iran has exported well north of $80 billion worth of its oil.  Billions are, in turn, given to terror proxies. Hamas alone receives $100 million each year from its Iranian patrons, with horrific results.

November 2023 Tanker Tracker

In the wake of Hamas’ massacre of 1,200 Israelis on October 7, Iran has taken advantage of the ensuing chaos to escalate its policy of maritime aggression. Some of Iran’s and Iranian proxies’ recent bold maneuvers include: the hijacking of and hostage-taking aboard MV Central Park; attacking the Israeli-owned container ship CMA CGM Symi using a bomb-carrying Iranian drone, and; launching missiles at the USS Mason.