UANI Welcomes European Union Sanctions on Iranian Intelligence Ministry & Staff

(New York, NY) – United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) welcomes the decision of the European Union (EU) today to freeze the assets of the Iranian Intelligence ministry and two of its staff following Iranian-backed attacks on European soil. 

“We applaud the European Union for its decision to sanction an Iranian intelligence unit and two of its staff for assassination plots in Denmark and France. Appeasing the regime in Tehran will only allow it to continue to target opponents abroad with impunity. Strongly sanctioning this behavior is the only way to bring Iran into line. We urge EU leaders to ensure these sanctions mark the beginning of a new, more robust approach to dealing with Iran,” said UANI President David Ibsen. 

This decision follows several Iranian-planned assassination plots in Europe. Last year, Denmark accused the Iranian government intelligence service of carrying out an assassination plot on its soil, while France confirmed that the Iranian intelligence ministry was behind a failed attack in Paris at a rally organized by an exiled Iranian opposition group. 

The UANI publication Iran’s Malign Intelligence Activities details how Iran’s intelligence service has planned and executed assassinations and bombing attacks around the world targeting perceived opponents of the theocratic regime in Tehran. The report stresses that in the past year, the frequency of these Iranian interventions has increased significantly. 

To read the UANI report, Iran’s Malign Intelligence Activities, please click here.