UANI Response To IRGC Naval Commander Tangsiri’s Threat Of Military Action In Retaliation Against U.S. Sanctions Enforcement

Iran Should Not Be Allowed To Deter U.S. Sanctions Enforcement And The U.S. Must Re-establish Deterrence Against Iran’s Aggression 

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) CEO Ambassador Mark D. Wallace released the following statement today after the Islamic Republic, through its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Naval Commander Alireza Tangsiri (IRGC-N), threatened retaliation against any company facilitating the enforcement of U.S.-seized Iranian oil aboard the SUEZ RAJAN, which is currently anchored off the coast of Texas.

“IRGC Navy Commander Alireza Tangsiri’s threats reflect the current reality. Iran has successfully threatened and engaged in military attacks against U.S-related interests and commercial vessels in the Arabian Gulf in retaliation for limited U.S. sanctions enforcement during the Biden administration. Tangsiri’s statements clearly reflect that the deterrence equation is upside down. Iran is deterring the United States’ lawful and peaceful enforcement of sanctions laws in international waters. But the United States is not deterring Iran.  

“President Biden and the Department of Defense should make clear that any Iranian attacks against the United States, its allies, and essential commercial interests at home or abroad will be met with a decisive military response. They must announce that they are prepared to defend freedom of navigation in international waters through the use of force if necessary. With at least 20 attempts by Iran to attack or seize internationally-flagged vessels since 2021, it has become clear that Tehran fears no consequences from its belligerent behavior.  

“U.S. sanctions must be supported by a credible threat of military force, and it is essential that the U.S. show an unwavering commitment to protect and defend its interests. If the U.S. refuses to enforce legally mandated sanctions because of a fear of Iranian attacks in response, there are no sanctions effectively. 

“On July 17, the Pentagon announced that the U.S was relocating a destroyer and F-16 and F-35 aircraft to defend against Iranian attacks. This announcement should be followed with real action by the United States. As to IRGC Navy Commander Tangsiri: your IRGC fast boat drivers would best be advised spending their time looking up and out for U.S. drones and fighter aircraft, rather than looking out at the water for new vessels to attack.”

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