UANI Impact: Regime Smuggling Stymied By Campaign To Have Ship Classification Suspended Or Withdrawn

100 Vessels Lose Critical Certificates Following UANI Action

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)’s work to identify and detect vessels engaged in the smuggling of Iranian oil and gas, and to alert maritime authorities of their activities, has resulted in the suspension or withdrawal of classification on 100 vessels. The loss of classification on a vessel seriously impedes the Iranian regime’s ability to continue its evasion of U.S. sanctions and malign activities. A valid classification certificate is needed for a vessel to be registered under a flag state, and every vessel must be registered to a flag state to travel globally and enjoy docking rights.  

This milestone follows UANI’s April 2022 announcement that its efforts had led to 100 vessels being stripped of their flags by authorities worldwide. 

To date, UANI’s work has led to 25 vessels being decommissioned and depriving the Iranian regime of more than $1.2 billion it would have used to finance its human rights abuses, state sponsorship of terrorism, and nuclear program. 

As the unofficial watchdog of U.S. sanctions, UANI has advocated for strict sanctions enforcement and the imposition of sanctions on individual vessels shipping Iranian oil, along with the owners, operators, and managers of vessels, and the flag states, insurers, port authorities, importing agents, classification societies, and other “maritime service providers” – each of which play an integral role in the shipment of Iranian oil.

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