ICYMI: UANI Evidence Of Iran’s Illegal Oil Shipping Activities Featured In WSJ, Foreign Policy

(New York, N.Y.) — United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI)’s campaign to monitor and report illicit Iranian oil transfers and international sanctions violations was highlighted by The Wall Street Journal and Foreign Policy this week. Citing evidence gathered by UANI from various sources and methods, The Wall Street Journal underscored the nearly two-fold increase in foreign vessels involved in Iranian oil shipments since last November:

“…United Against Nuclear Iran, a New York group that campaigns against Tehran’s nuclear program, says the number of foreign vessels involved in transporting the country’s oil has risen to 123 from 70 in November 2020. Almost half of such vessels are now flagged in Panama, which had deregistered ships involved with Iranian oil under pressure from the Trump administration, according to the group.”

Each month, UANI publishes a blog post outlining potential violations by Iranian-affiliated ships and shipping companies in addition to monthly estimates of exports of Iran’s crude oil and gas condensates. Data from UANI’s April 2021 Iran Tanker Tracking campaign was highlighted in Foreign Policy’s recent coverage of rising Iranian oil exports: 

“Experts say that while U.S. sanctions have succeeded in blocking the movement of money through banking channels, they achieved little success in stopping Iran from selling crude at reduced prices for cash. Energy analysts have seen a steady rise in Iran’s oil exports since late last year. According to United Against Nuclear Iran, an advocacy group and a critic of the 2015 nuclear deal, Syria received the second-most oil barrels from Iran since December 2020; many times more were exported to China.” 

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