Tatra Trucks

Czech Republic

Tatra trucks set to be manufactured in a soon-to-be-launched factory in Armenia will be sold to Iran.

"Tatra is a Czech manufacturer producing vehicles. Owned by the Tatra Truck company, it is the second oldest company in the world producing cars with an unbroken history, after Peugeot. A truck production factory will be built in Armenia’s Kotayk province, according to a memorandum signed between Tatra Trucks and Zenon LLC. The deal is the result of an agreement reached between prime minister Karen Karapetyan and Russia-based Armenian business people." (March 21, 2017)


In January 2016, reports emerged that “Iran has expressed great interest in purchase of trucks Tatra” with a Tatra representative stating, “[n]egotiations have begun. Iran is a very promising market for the industry as it needs to be updated.”  (Daily Management Review, “Iran to Buy a Batch of Tractors and Trucks in the Czech Republic,” 1/19/2016).


-- Response: "Boeing and Airbus have even received official support from the U.S. administration…" (11/26/2016)