SINOMACH (China National Machinery Industry Corporation)


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"China National Machinery Industry Corp [CNMAC.UL], known as Sinomach, has signed a contract to build a 5.35 billion yuan ($845 million) railway in western Iran, adding to a wave of Chinese investment in the country. Sinomach will handle the engineering, procurement and construction work for the 410 km (255 mile) railway connecting the Iranian cities of Tehran, Hamedan and Sanandaj, the company said on its website on Monday." (March 20, 2018).


 "A team of Chinese investors have voiced their willingness to invest in Iran's steel industry, a senior Iranian trade official announced on Tuesday... On Monday, Managing Director of Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM) Ali Ashraf Afkhami underlined that Iran's lucrative market and eye-catching economic opportunities have persuaded Chinese investors to try to increase their investments in the country's development projects. In a meeting between the head of a high-ranking Chinese delegation from National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) and Afkhami, the two officials discussed ways for broadening of cooperation in various fields, mainly investment in Iran's projects by the Chinese side."(Fars, Chinese Firms Willing to Invest in Iran's Steel Industry, 6/17/14)




On June 30th, CNEEC and Irania Ghadir Investment Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran signed an EPC contract for the Iran Lamerd 484MW Gas-fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Project. The Iran Lamerd 484MW Gas-fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Project is located to the north of the Lamerd City Airport in Fars Province in south Iran and has a total installed capacity of 484MW (2X162MW+160MW). The project is funded by buyer credits from Chinese banks and guaranteed by the national sovereignty of Iran...On the same day, CNEEC and the Tadbir Niro Parsian Company of Iran signed the cooperation agreement for the Gachsaran City 500MW Gas-fired Combined Cycle EPC Contracting Project. This project is the second gas turbine power plant EPC project awarded to CNEEC in Iran, after the Zanjan Gas Turbine Project, and has been finally approved by the owner, with strong support from the company principals and the efforts of employees under the 10th Engineering Department. The signing of the contract indicates that CNEEC has realized rotating development in the Iran market and will realize greater success in the Iran and the nearby markets. (SINOMACH, CNEEC Secures Contract for Iran Lamerd 484MW Gas-fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Project, 7/5/12)