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Zoomlion is listed as a participating company at the 14th International Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services & Related Industries which takes place October 27-30th, 2016 in Tehran Iran. (Participating International Companies)  


Zoomlion is a Chinese construction manufacturer specializing in cranes. As of 2007, it was the world’s 11th largest crane manufacturer. Zoomlion has nearly 20,000 employees and operates out of nine industrial parks, one of which is in Milan, Italy.

 Zoomlion advertises its business with Iran on the front page of its website. A June 2010 company newsletter trumpets its sale to Iran of twelve tower cranes including a TC7035B-16, “the largest tower crane that had been exported to Iran.” The newsletter states that “By far, the tower cranes from Zoomlion have made up the main part of the total market shares of Iran.”