Engineering and Construction

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Vahle is featured extensively on Jobasin's website. Jobasin’s CEO, owner, and Managing Director is Alexander Jozak (a.k.a. Ali Jozak), a German- Iranian who was arrested late last year for illegally supplying equipment to Iran, including products used for Iran’s illegal ballistic missile program. According to a report in BILD titled “Hamburg entrepreneurs helped mullahs build bombs,” Jozak is believed to have “procured industrial equipment with his company and delivered it illegally to Iran through middlemen.”


Vahle develops, manufactures and installs customized power and data transmission systems for various material handling applications, including port technology. VAHLE manufactures products required in the electrification of different crane types, including include trench systems, cable reels, festoon systems, conductor rails and data transmission systems. The company is active in 52 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South America (Company Website). VAHLE’s company website lists “Voltpack Co. Ltd.” as its contact in Tehran, Iran. (VAHLE website, "Worldwide")