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"Two of India's largest shipping companies which carry crude from Iran haven't yet been able to find suitable insurance cover, a situation which could hurt the flow of oil from the sanctions-hit Middle Eastern country.  . . . India, which has decreased but not stopped crude purchases from Iran, has been trying to make its own arrangements to bring in the oil. Last month, state run insurer United India Insurance Co. Ltd. offered cover to Indian shippers, while General Insurance Corp. offered to reinsure. Mr. Hajara had said then that the shipper may agree to the covers -- about a hundredth of what Europe's so-called Protection and Indemnity or P&I Clubs offer -- but he now appears to have changed his mind. The Indian insurer has offered $50 million for protection and indemnity -- or third-party insurance -- and an additional, similar amount for hull and machinery cover. But these are not enough, said Mr. Hajara." (Wall Street Journal, "Shipping Corp: Insurance Cover for Iran Crude Not Adequate," 8/8/12)


"India, the third-biggest buyer of Iranian oil, will offer state-backed insurance to tankers, helping the nation’s biggest sea carrier to resume cargoes from the Persian Gulf nation hit by international trade sanctions.

Shipping Corp. of India will soon start services to Iran as Indian insurers have agreed to give as much as $100 million of cover per voyage, Chairman Sabyasachi Hajara said without specifying a timeframe. Prior to the sanctions, European companies provided unlimited protection against risks including oil spills and collisions, he said…Hajara said insurers including United India Insurance Co. and General Insurance Corp. of India are offering a lower cover for Iranian shipments compared with their European counterparts because the sanctions blocked their access to reinsurance.

The Indian insurers are offering $50 million of hull and machinery cover and $50 million of protection and indemnity per voyage, he said…Shipping Corp. is going ahead with the plan as its studies have shown that carriers in the Iran-India route haven’t sought any claims from insurance companies in the past 10 years, he said. Still, potential liabilities may run into “billions of dollars,” Hajara said." (Bloomberg, "Iran Oil Shipping To Resume As Insurers Step In," 8/2/12)


"India has given state-run insurers approval to provide limited cover to its ships transporting Iran's oil. . . Domestic insurance firms are allowed to provide ship owners carrying Iranian oil $50 million in cover against pollution and personal injury claims, also known as protection and indemnity (P&I) insurance, Devli said. They will also provide hull and machinery cover of $50 million, to protect ships against physical damage. General Insurance Corp of India will be the re-insurer and cover will be extended by any of four state-run non-life insurance firms: United India Insurance, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., National Insurance Co. Ltd. and the Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. 'We have received a letter from the shipping ministry ... saying General Insurance Corp has provisionally been allowed to arrange cover,' said a source at a state-run refiner." (Reuters, "India insures Iran oil imports to safeguard flow -sources," 7/10/12)


"United India Insurance Co. has agreed to provide protection and indemnity cover to Indian tankers carrying oil from Iran with General Insurance Corp. offering reinsurance, two people with knowledge of the matter said Tuesday. The offer bring some relief to Indian shipping companies that aren't getting covers from European insurers since July 1 for carrying shipments from Iran, which is facing sanctions from the U.S. and European Union for its decision to continue with an alleged nuclear weapons program. . . While United India Insurance executives weren't available to comment, an executive from General Insurance Corp. said there will be a $50 million P&I cover and a separate amount for hull and machinery. 'The cover is for all Indian shipowners,' the executive said." (Wall Street Journal, "India Insurer to Cover Ships Carrying Iran Oil," 7/10/12)


"Indian shipping firms will continue to transport Iranian crude even if limited insurance coverage due to tightening Western sanctions leaves them financially exposed to a spill or accident, a top executive and industry sources said... Shipping Corp of India, which is the country's largest shipping firm, Great Eastern and other Indian tanker firms have asked state insurers to step in and provide up to $50 million in third-party liability coverage per tanker voyage. The amount is a fraction of the typical $1 billion coverage that a supertanker carrying around 2 million barrels of crude would have from reinsurers against personal injury and pollution claims. India's shipping companies would run the risk of shipping the crude even though they would be liable for any claims above $50 million in the case of an incident, industry sources said... The shipping firms have sent their request to state insurers United India Insurance, General Insurance Company, New India Assurance Co. Ltd., National Insurance Co. Ltd. and the Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd., said a shipping source. The shipping and finance ministries were also looking at the proposal." (Chicago Tribune, "Indian firms to carry Iran crude despite reduced insurance," 4/24/12)