Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Toyota Tsusho

According to Reuters, Toyota Tsusho maintains its business relations with Iran. (Reuters, “Japan's JX renews Iran term crude contracts for 2016 – sources,” 1/5/2016).


"Besides Mitsubishi, another trading house, Toyota Tsusho has been also lifting Iranian crude since April for the top two buyers, the sources added."  (Reuters, "Japan's Mitsubishi renews Iran oil imports deal," 6/22/12)


" In 2009, Iran exported about 421,000 bpd of crude to Japan. It was overtaken by Qatar, however, as Japan's third-largest crude supplier.  Many of Japan's top refiners buy Iranian crude, including Showa Shell Sekiyu (5002.T), Nippon Oil (5001.T), Japan Energy, Cosmo Oil (5007.T). Trading house Toyota Tsusho (8105.T) also has a deal to buy crude from the Islamic republic." (Reuters, "Iran's crude export and fuel import customers," 4/13/2010)