Texco Consortium

Texco Consortium

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  • The Company Website lists that it has a regional office in Tehran, Iran.
  • The Website further states that in December 2000:

    "TEXCO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with EXPORT GUARANTEE FUND OF IRAN (EGFI) - TEHRAN to activate a Credit Line for the total amount of U.S. Doll. 100.000.000 ( U.S. Doll. Hundred Million) to finance export oriented projects, having TEXCO COMPANIES as supplier of technology.

    On 2000 TEXCO has promoted the investment of Italian partner for the establishment in IRAN of a new Company for the manufacturing of 220 Litre steel drums externally and internally painted with taps or open top having the name :

    Boske Fulad Salafchegan P.j.s.Co.
    80, Nezami Gangiavi St. Tavaneer
    Tehran - IRAN
    Tel.: 0098-21-8794023 Fax: 00988-21-8794589

    The factory is located in the Special Economical Zone of Salafchegan, 140Km South West of Tehran and it has 5.000 square metre covered area on 16.500 square metre land.

    The production capacity of the factory is 1.200.000 drums per year.

    The factory is entered in production on July 2001. The target is to sell 75% of the production in IRAN and to export 25% in international market."

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