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Tadano Faun

"A Japanese heavy machinery manufacturer said it has cut business ties with the Iranian government following a report that its cranes have been used for public executions. The company's announcement came several days after United Against Nuclear Iran President Mark D. Wallace published an op-ed in Los Angeles Times where he names the Japanese Tadano company as one of several companies exporting cranes to Iran. 'In response to Iran's brazen attempts to intimidate and terrorize its own people, United Against Nuclear Iran has launched a Cranes Campaign. The goal is to educate crane manufacturers worldwide about the Iranian regime's clear misuse of their products and how such use can tarnish their brand image,' Wallace wrote." (YnetNews. "Japanese firm cuts ties with Iran over crane executions," 7/15/11)


Tadano is Japan's largest manufacturer of cranes and lifting equipment. Tadano manufactures all-terrain cranes, aerial work platforms, truck cranes, boom trucks, and other construction equipment (Company Website). In 2010, Tadano had over $1 billion in net sales (Annual Report). Tadano has a large American presence.

Tadano lists an Iranian subsidiary, IER Iran, on its website. IER Iran imports a wide variety of construction equipment, including Tadano cranes, into Iran. Tadano's cranes are used by the Iranian regime to publicly execute dissidents (Photo).