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"Companies across Germany have quietly rekindled once-strong commercial ties with Iran, industry officials said… ‘The market will explode when the embargo gets lifted,’ predicted Stephanie Spinner-König, managing director of high-tech component maker Spinner GmbH and a participant in one of two German business delegations that visited Iran this year...'Companies are already trying to sign letters of intent with Iranian trading partners to get a foot in the market,' said Juliane Emami, project manager at conference organizer Management Circle AG... Ms. Spinner-König of Spinner exemplifies the first wave. Her company generated less than €100,000 in sales from Iran last year, a fraction of its €80 million in revenue.  'Iran is certainly not our biggest export market, but it's clear that they have a big investment backlog and that a lot more is possible,' she said." (WSJ, "German Buisness Looks to Renew Iran Contracts" 8/3/14)