TYO: 2768

"The company was reported as potentially seeking steel and petrochemical plan renovation opportunities in Iran. In 2018 CalPERS designated the company as under review. In 2019 CalPERS changed the designation to “being monitored” because CalPERS’ initial screening has not identified the company as having involvement in the regions and/or activities targeted by the Act. CalPERS has maintained the company in “monitor” status for 2020. CalPERS continues to monitor the company for possible changes in status relevant to the Act."


In 2017, CalSTRS designated Sojitz as “Under Review” for potentially having ties to Iran. In 2018, CalSTRS removed Sojitz after reviewing the company’s business with Iran and internal controls to prevent sanction violations


"Japan’s Sojitz Corporation – the country’s sixth largest trading enterprise – has signed a basic agreement to study the production of steel sheets in Iran’s southeastern port of Chabahar.  The Japanese company signed the agreement with Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) – the operations arm of the country’s Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Mine." (February 13, 2017)


"National Petrochemical Company (NPC) has signed a memorandum of understating with Japan's Sojitz for feasibility studies on construction of a methanol to propylene conversion plant in Iran. Held at the locality of the NPC in Tehran, the signing ceremony of the MoU was attended by Managing Director of the NPC Marziyeh Shahdaei and Masaru Sato, Sojitz's senior representative on Saturday. Speaking during the ceremony, Marziyeh Shahdaei, who is also deputy petroleum minister in petrochemical affairs, said the project is of crucial importance for Iran given the vast gas reserves it is sitting atop. Sojitz has been active in Iran over 50 years and is the first foreign company active in Iran's petrochemical sector, said Sato during the meeting." (IRNA, "NPC, Sojitz of Japan sign MoU for petchem cooperation," 10/10/2016).

” Response: “To serve our clients interests, Sojitz Corporation has an office in Tehran that promotes authorized business activities in Iran. These activities do not serve to advance the Iranian nuclear weapons or missiles program and do not directly or indirectly serve in any way to further Iran’s cooperation with North Korea’s nuclear weapons or missile programs.” (February 8, 2018)