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According to Business Standard, “The Company has three manufacturing facilities globally. It has its own sales offices in UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, UK, USA and Singapore…Simmtronics supplies to the leading computer manufacturers and has a base of over 20 OEMs which include the top names in the IT industry like HP, IBM, LG, Samsung, Acer, PCS, Zenith, etc“ (About Simmtronics, Business Standard). 


The company website lists a sales office in Iran. (Company website)


Simmtronics has a global agreement with IBM, another semiconductor company that does business in Iran. (“Simmtronics Semiconductors enters into Global Agreement with IBM Corp,” Corporate Announcement, Business Standard, January 18, 2010.)


In June 2009, an article in India's Business Standard on Simmtronics detailed its involvement in Iran: “Simmtronics Semiconductors, one of the leading brands in memory module, motherboards and VGA cards business; ranked amidst Top 5 memory companies in the world and also ranked as No. 1 memory module company in Asia-Pacific besides a few other countries announced that it has recently conducted a mega channel activation program in Iran. Simmtronics has been successfully selling memory products in Iran for the past three years.

The channel activation program organized by Simmtronics in the capital city Tehran was well attended as over 200 channel partners from various cities of the country participated enthusiastically in it...

 “According to Mr. Indrajit Sabharwal, Managing Director, Simmtronics Semiconductors Limited, “This is in accordance with our strategy to expand and enhance our business presence globally. Iran is an important and promising market for us. We wish to increase our channel partner network in the country as there’s an immense potential for our products. Our strategy is to appoint channel partners in the unrepresented markets of Iran such that we leverage on the burgeoning demand that they have exhibited in the recent past. This initiative shall further boost our market share in the country.

Lately, as per the international trend, the demand for laptop memory has shown a decent traction in Iran in comparison to that for desktops. Simmtronics recognizes this as an important opportunity and is striving to tap the same through its dedicated channel network. Besides this, the replacement and upgrade market in Iran has also grown tremendously. Increase in adoption of heavier applications by businesses calls for higher memory which has fuelled replacement and upgrades to a new high. This business is as big as that of new purchase for Simmtronics in Iran.

Digital ME is Simmtronics’ Exclusive Partner in Iran for motherboards, VGA cards and memory modules. Simmtronics memory modules sales is Iran is being headed by Ms. Samira Keshmiri.  According to her, “This was for the very first time that a memory company in Iran conducted a channel activity. Therefore, the response was overwhelming. Channel partners in Iran look forward to such informative and business enhancing sessions. Simmtronics played the role of a responsible vendor who genuinely cares about its channel community and is not just another box-pusher with an eye on numbers only” (“Simmtronics headed to become No. 1 memory products company in Iran,” Corporate Announcement, Business Standard, July 8, 2009).