Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co., Ltd.


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On June 30, 2019, New Jersey listed Shangdong FIN CNC Machine on its state list of entities determined, based on credible information, to be engaged in prohibited activities in Iran.


“FIN’s CNC Drilling Machine For Plates Model PD2012 was sold abroad to five countries Russia, South Africa, Iran, Kazakstan and Indonesia. This drilling machine is very popular in the global market.” (Company Website)


"Iranian customer came to FIN on Sep. 4, 2008 and signed contract at once when he looked around FIN’s factories and the machin’s operation. Customer is very satisfied with FIN and the CNC drilling machine... The machine was dispatched to Iran on Jan. 22, 2009 ahead of the delivery time. Though the promised delivery time is Feb. 20, 2009, FIN still delivers the machine early to customer, just because customer needs the machine urgently. FIN’s engineer will go to Iran to installl the machine soon." (Company Website)

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