Seiko Group

Conglomerate, Electronics

Seiko Group includes Seiko Holdings Corporation, Seiko Epson and Seiko Instruments, all of which do business in Iran. Seiko Holdings Corporation primarily produces watches, and has a variety of divisions that deal with electronics, including Seiko NPC Corporation, which manufactures semiconductors (Company Website).

Seiko Instruments also produces semiconductor products, along with other electronic components, precision parts and technology (Company Website).

Seiko Epson manufactures computers and peripherals, and other information and imaging equipment. (Company Website).


Seiko has a service center in Tehran. Company Website


According to Business Monitor International, “Iran has long had more significant manufacturing capacity in computer peripherals, particularly printers and monitors… The first printers, from Olivetti and Epson, were assembled in Iran in 1994” (Business Monitor International"Iran Q2 2010 (Market Overview Article)"  March 2, 2010).


Maadiran Group features Epson printers on its homepage. Maadiran Group Website


Business Monitor International recognizes Maadiran Group as "one of Iran's largest consumer electronics and IT firms."

"In 2007, Maadiran Group began mass production of five models of LG phones, adding to existing contracts for the assembly of LG monitors, Epson dot matrix printers and Olivetti bank slip printer. LG is an important brand for Maadiran. In 2008, the company was targeting the production of 850,000 LG-branded LCD and CRT monitors, and planned to increase its volume to 940,000 in 2009. Maadiran is also licensed to produce around 14,000 dot matrix printers for Epson annually."

"Maadiran is an exclusive distributor for Sharp, LG, Olivetti, Epson and a number of other brands" (Business Monitor International, "Company Profile - Maadiran Group - Q2 2010 Iran."  March 2, 2010).