Financial Services

"The Central Insurance of Iran, the industry’s regulating body and its largest reinsurer, announced on Thursday it has reached a much-anticipated agreement with France’s SCOR SE, based on which the major reinsurer will cover catastrophe excess of loss reinsurance for Iran." (October 2, 2017).


"The insurance regulator chief also met with Victor Peignet, chief executive of the French insurer [SCOR] in London on Friday. “[SCOR] was a leading reinsurer covering major risks for Iran, including risks in petroleum and petrochemical industries,” Hemmati said... Peignet said his company is willing to start collaboration with Iran, in line with comments by the Paris government to partner with Tehran in key industries. “We are ready to start collaboration, as the leader reinsurer, in accordance with the CII framework,” he said and added that [SCOR] is ready to hold training courses for Iranian insurance managers over risk management and pricing policies. Hemmati also held talks with Munir Kabban, president of UIB Group, an international insurance and reinsurance company headquartered in London. He acknowledged the firm's efforts in training Iranian insurance experts." (Financial Tribune,  "Lloy'ds of London Eying Iran Insurance Opportunities," 11/21/2016).


Central Insurance of IR Iran reported: "Dr. Hemmati, the President of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of IR Iran), had bilateral discussion on insurance with Victor Peignet, Chief Executive Officer of SCOR Global P&C SE, on Friday, 18 November 2016. Victor Peignet voiced his enthusiasm for developing business and partnership in large-scale economic projects in Iran along with training courses and workshops in wide variety of subjects such as catastrophe risks, pricing methods for insurance products, and energy insurance, all intended for the specialist and managerial positions." (Central Insurance of IR Iran, “President Hemmati Visits SCOR,” 11/18/2016).