"The president of the Russian Geological Society (RosGeo) said on Tuesday that the company is considering a plan to fund major oil, gas and ore projects in Iran. Russia's Rosgeo plans to work in different areas in Iran and is considering gas, oil, gold and ore projects, Chief Executive Officer Roman Panov told TASS in an interview on Tuesday. 'Geophysical exploration of gas fields in the South Caspian region and services of drilling technologies and enhanced oil recovery are considered in respect of hydrocarbons. We are viewing proposals on aerial geophysical studies of promising areas and prospecting of hardrock gold and lead and zinc ore in terms of solid mineral resources. We will also probably deal with research related to enhance gold recovery from refractory ore and assessment of salt deposits' reserves,' he said." (Tasnim, "Russia’s RosGeo Mulls Funding Major Projects in Iran," 11/10/15)