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Remet is accused of selling Cobalt aluminate to Iranian engineering firm Mavadkaran, which manufactures equipment for Iran’s energy sector.


"Jarrad Beddow, 43 the former sales manager of Remet UK, is alleged to have played a 'leading role' in the shipment of cobalt aluminate to the Islamic Republic via Slovakia...  Remet applied for a licence to export the chemicals in the summer of 2008 but was told it had been rejected in September... Mr Hewitt said the authorities were alerted after Remet's managing director discovered the export had gone through." (Daily Telegraph, "Businessman 'exported WMD chemicals to Iran'," 6/6/2012)


"Although the company’s former sales manager, Jarrad Beddow, claims that there was no law prohibiting the export of the cobalt when it occurred in 2009, it is well know that cobalt aluminate can be used to produce the lethal radioactive isotope cobalt 60. Experts says this material is most likely to be used in a 'dirty bomb.' And, Since 2005, there have been reports that Tehran may be attempting to procure dirty bomb materials." (Global Security Newswire, "U.K Firm Investigated Over Sale of Dirty Bomb Material to Iran," 5/17/2010)