Philip Morris International


"Iranian Tobacco Company and Philip Morris International Inc. have signed an agreement on joint production of the American company’s best-selling product, Marlboro cigarettes." (May 6, 2018)


"This license authorized Philip Morris to sell cigarettes in Iran. Iran charges an import tax of more than 7 percent on cigarettes, according to customs officials." (New York Times, "Licenses Granted to U.S. Companies Run the Gamut," 12/24/10)


"Cigarettes smuggled into Iran have been tainted with pig blood and nuclear material as part of a Western conspiracy, an Iran official claimed Friday.

The semiofficial Mehr news agency quoted Mohammad Reza Madani from the Society for Fighting Smoking as saying contraband Marlboros have been contaminated with pig hemoglobin and unspecified nuclear material.

Madani claimed Philip Morris International, which sells Marlboro outside the U.S., is "led by Zionists" and deliberately exports tainted cigarettes. Pig products are considered unclean under Muslim law.

He provided no evidence or information about the confiscated cigarettes. Friday's report also gave no details on how the alleged contamination was discovered.

Tehran, which often alleges Western conspiracies, says 20 billion cigarettes are smuggled into Iran every year." (MSNBC, "Iran: West taints cigarettes with pig blood," 7/30/10)


In their 2010 10-K forms for the SEC, Philip Morris disclosed information regarding their business in Iran. 

“Certain of our subsidiaries have established commercial arrangements involving Iran.  In January 2007, a subsidiary received a license from the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control to export cigarettes to Iran. Our subsidiary received new licenses for 2008 and 2009; however, we have not made any sales to Iran pursuant to these licenses. We have no employees, operations or assets in Iran.” (EX-13 of 10-K for Philip Morris International Inc, 2/26/2010)