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Caterpillar Inc.


Lovat, a manufacturer of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar acquired in April 2008. (AP, “Caterpillar acquires tunnel boring company,” 4/2/08)


Iran has been constructed tunnels to obscure and shield its nuclear program. (The New York Times, “Iran Shielding Its Nuclear Efforts in Maze of Tunnels,” 1/6/10)

Lovat’s business in Iran:

  •  On its full worldwide contacts list, Lovat lists Mr. Amir Kheradmand of the Tehran-based “Tunnel Boresh Machine” as its main Iran contact. (Company Website
  • Lovat’s website lists a completed drainage project in Tehran in its “Project section.” The project used a Lovat tunnel-boring machine. (Company Website
  • The December 2009 article World Tunnelling magazine lists two recently completed Lovat tunneling projects for surface water collection in Khayyam and Bahmanyar. Lovat used the same tunnel-boring machine for both projects. (World Tunnelling, “Iranian TBMs continue steady march,” 12/23/09)