LIMMT Economic & Trade Co.

Defense, Industrial Metals

In 2006, LIMMT Economic & Trade Co., a Chinese seller of metallurgical products, was blocked from selling goods in the U.S. for allegedly selling high-strength metals and sophisticated military materials to Iran.

In April 2009, a New York grand jury indicted LIMMT and its owner, Li Fang Wei, for allegedly conspiring to evade that ban by using aliases, and the U.S. Treasury updated its sanctions list to include those aliases.

In 2006, Dalian Sunny Industry & Trade Co. sent seven shipments of steel parts to Coastal Flange Inc. in Houston. (The 2009 case established that Dalian was an LIMMT affiliate.) In 2007, the shipments began coming from Dalian Orient Pipe Components Co. Bills of lading reveal that Dalian Sunny and Dalian Orient share the same address and telephone number.

Officials at LIMMT, Dalian Sunny and Dalian Orient didn't return calls seeking comment. (The Wall Street Journal, "Chinese Evade U.S. Sanctions on Iran," 1/5/10)