Jindal Steel & Power

Jindal Saw Limited

In 2019 Jindal Steel was listed on the Texas Comptroller List of Companies Engaging in Scrutinized Business Operations in Iran.  


In 2017 the U.S. state of Mississippi listed Jindal Steel & Power on its Iran prohibited companies list rendering Jindal ineligible for investment and/or state contracting.


"Iranian trade negotiators have become more assertive with Indian counterparts as hopes rise of international sanctions on Tehran easing later this year, sources said, and Indian companies fear they may lose business as more countries bid for projects. The push back from the Iranians came as a surprise to India, which has enjoyed special dispensation from Tehran as one of only a handful of countries willing to do business with it while it faced Western economic sanctions. Under a tentative framework agreement reached between six major powers and Tehran in April, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activity in return for sanctions relief. A final deal could be reached by June 30. That prospect appears to have emboldened Iran, said sources familiar with trade negotiations with India, including in its handling of a sizeable deal to import railway tracks. The $233 million contract, signed last October, was for India's State Trading Corp (STC) to facilitate exports of rail tracks from SAIL Ltd and Jindal Steel and Power Ltd to Iran's railways. But Iran told Indian negotiators that it had offers from other countries, including Turkey, to supply the equipment at a cheaper cost, the sources said." (Reuters, "With nuclear deal in sight, Iran drives harder bargain in Indian trade talks," 5/19/15)