Jammal Trust Bank (JTB)

JTB Bank

"The party failed in its efforts and therefore, now set its sights on the banking sector, he noted. Nader wondered whether Lebanese banks should refuse to abide by the US sanctions and suffer the same fate as the Jammal Trust Bank that liquidated itself last month.The political aspect of Hezbollah’s threats is related to the ongoing US conflict with Iran." (Asharq Al Awsat, "Security, Political Messages behind Hezbollah's Threat to Lebanese Banks," 10/15/2019).


"In July, the Treasury Department targeted two Hezbollah legislators, Amin Sherri and Mohammad Raad, in the first such move against lawmakers currently seated in Lebanon’s parliament. A month later, the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned Jammal Trust Bank for what it called “knowingly facilitating banking activities.” The bank, which denied the charges, was forced to close afterward." (The Times of Israel, "US sanctions on Iran-backed Hezbollah deepen Lebanon economic crisis," 10/5/2019).