Iridex Corp


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According to correspondence filed with the SEC: "We have a distribution agreement with Iran Memco, based in Iran, who operates as our distributor for ophthalmology products in Iran. We have been working with Iran Memco since 2007."


According to an Annual Report filed with the SEC: "United States export laws permit the sale of medical products to certain countries under embargo by the United States government
if the seller of such products obtains a license to do so, which requirements are in place because the United States has designated such countries as state sponsors of terrorism. Certain of our products have been sold in Iran, Sudan and Syria under license through distribution agreements with independent distributors. The aggregate revenue generated by sales of our products into Iran, Sudan and Syria have been immaterial to our business and results of operations. We may continue to supply medical devices to Iran, Sudan and Syria and other countries that are under embargo by the United
States government upon obtaining all necessary licenses." 


Listed by U.S. Government as doing business in Iran. (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, List of Companies Doing Business With State Sponsors Of Terror, Removed from the internet in July of 2007)

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