Green Wave Telecommunications Sdn Bhn


"According to the defendant’s guilty plea, from 2008 until late 2011, Ghodskani was a Tehran-based employee of Fanavar Moj Khavar (Fana Moj), a company located in Tehran, Iran. In 2009, Ghodskani, along with co-defendant Alireza Jalali and others, established Green Wave Telecommunication, Sdn Bhn, (Green Wave), a company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that operated as a front for Fana Moj. As part of the conspiracy, Ghodskani falsely represented herself as an employee of Green Wave to U.S. companies in order to acquire export-controlled technology from the United States. To accomplish these acquisitions, Ghodskani, Jalali and others concealed the ultimate destination and end users of the exported technology." (Iran Watch, "Iranian Citizen pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Facilitate the Illegal Export of Technology to Iran," 8/9/2019).