Gallagher Arthur J. & CO (AJG)

Financial Services

"Insurance broker Arthur J. Gallagher & Co will continue to monitor developments on the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 international agreement designed to deny Tehran the ability to build nuclear weapons, the company said on Friday.“Whatever the decision from the U.S. administration, we will take appropriate action in compliance with all applicable laws as is our customary practice, said Anna Rozenich, the company’s spokeswoman. AJG has British and Norwegian subsidiaries that have brokered insurance and advised clients on activities related to Iran’s oil and gas industry." (5/18/2018).


As stated in its most recent SEC filing: In the fourth quarter of 2017, our U.K. domiciled subsidiary, Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Limited and our Norway domiciled subsidiary, Bergvall Marine AS, acted as insurance brokers and advised clients in obtaining insurance coverage for activities related to Iran’s oil, gas and petroleum industries.