Everest Kanto Cylinder



Everest Kanto Cylinder is an India-based international manufacturer of high-pressure gas cylinders, which are used to transport volatile gases for export. 

According to Forbes, India's Everest Kanto Cylinder (EKC) began supplying Iran with compressed natural gas cylinders in the 1990s, and in 2003 it built a manufacturing plant in Dubai to keep up with demand. In 2005, an industry publication reported that Everest Kanto planned to invest $20 million to construct another plant in Iran. In 2006, an investment advisory firm stated EKC estimated it held approximately 30% of Iran's cylinder market share, and 22% of the company's 2005 exports went to Iran.

According to a trade publication, EKC's subsidiary EKC Hungary Kft owns American company CP Industries Holdings, Inc. The company website states that CP Industries manufactures high-pressure seamless flasks for the U.S. Navy, which are used in critical shipboard systems