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Headquarted in France, Eurocopter is a subsidiary of the global aerospace and defense company EADS. Eurocopter is one of the world's leading helicopter manufacturers.


“Since the European Union does not impose restrictions on sales of civil products to Iran, Eurocopter and AgustaWestland market their products in the country, but the US sanctions restrict the Europeans’ offerings to just a few models.” (, “Iran Aviation Industry”)


 In April 2005, Aviation International News reported that “Eurocopter is well represented in Iran. Last year it won the state tender to supply three AS 365N3 Dauphins outfitted for search-and-rescue and maritime surveillance. Those helicopters, scheduled to be delivered next year, will be the first Dauphins in the nation… Eurocopter estimates Iran’s total demand for civil helicopters to be 100 to 150 units during the next two or three years… Eurocopter predicts that the Dauphin will be the best-selling helicopter in the nation in the years ahead.”

“Last year Iran’s Ministry of Industry and Mines took delivery of an AS 350B3 to use for geological survey. The manufacturer also delivered six AS 350B3s to the Ministry of Oil for Helicopter Services Organization, which is using the new models to supplement its two AS 350B2s, the first French-made helicopters delivered to Iran after the Islamic Revolution under 2000 and 2002 deals.”

“Eurocopter also provides support for the Alouette IIIs and BO 105s operators acquired before the revolution that remain operational with civilian organizations. A total of 30 of these aging types remain airworthy and operate mostly with Helicopter Services Organization.” (Aviation International News, “Helo makers find market in Iran,” April 2005)


In February 2005, EADS and its subsidiary Eurocopter, marketed their products at that year’s Iran Air Show. When questioned about the American sanctions on Iran, an EADS representative stated, “ As a European company, we're not supposed to take into account embargoes from the U.S.” He added, “The emphasis here is on our civil helicopters. We are not offering military helicopters here.” Nonetheless, a military helicopter was “prominent on the company's video in Iran.” (MSNBC, “European Firms Display Wares in Iran,” 2/23/05)

See Video: Corresponding NBC Nightly News Investigative Report on European defense firms doing business in Iran. (NBC Nightly News, “European Defense Firms Eager to Sell to Iran”)


Eurocopter was also an exhibitor at the 2007 Iranian Air Show. (2008 Iran Kish Air Show, “Exhibitors”)