"Iran Khodro to finalize deal with Nissan's Datsun" (August 2017)


Datsun is an automobile brand of Nissan. "The CEO of Iran Khodro, Iranian largest state-run carmaker, Hashem Yekeh-Zareh, said the company has been negotiating with two Japanese automakers Suzuki and Datsun. The two sides have had good negotiations and in addition to the New Car Vitara, two new sedans that companies Ciaz and Baleno will be jointly produced and presented in the market, he said. 'The negotiation with the other Japanese Datsun, has begun sometime ago,' he added. CEO Iran Khodro then stressed that the cooperation agreement between the company and Mercedes Benz is almost finalized and will be signed within two months." (Iranian Students' News Agency, "Khodro to work with two Japanese auto-manufacturers," 7/24/2016).