Aaronia AG Gewerbegebiet



According to its LinkedIn Page, "Todays purpose of the [AG] enterprise is development, trade and sale of measuring equipment, technologies and rights of low and high frequency measurement technique, robotics as well as screening/shielding of RF and E-fields and fundamental research at the segment of communications and measurement engineering, furthermore the construction of own circuitries and measuring methods in particular for the development of extreme sensitive and precise high-frequency measurement devices and autonomic robotics-systems."


According to its website, Fatehin Sanat, an Iranian company, supplies various products made by Aaronia.


Aaronia AG "makes detection systems that triangulate the position of both drones and their operators, using radio frequencies rather than radar technology, which can be limited by interference or not detect small, low-flying drones. The company also has the ability to jam frequencies to disable drones, which is a little more elegant that some other anti-drone techniques, which have included using net-firing counter-drones." (Wired, "Yes, the Middle East has a serious drone problem," 9/25/19)