Iran’s quest to develop an illicit nuclear weapons program is one of the most urgent threats facing the U.S. and the international community. Since its founding in 2008, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) has effectively compelled numerous businesses, firms and entities to exit Iran while also promoting the strengthening of U.S. sanctions law.

You can play a vital role in preventing Iran from becoming a regional superpower with a nuclear weapons capability. Specifically, UANI’s education and advocacy programs enable private citizens to take direct action to compel entities and individuals to end their economic support of the Iranian regime and ensure the regime’s economic and diplomatic isolation.


UANI’s Iran Business Registry (IBR) lists over 1,000 companies with reported business activity in Iran. The IBR has since grown to become a resource used widely by the media, professional researchers and academics as well as elected officials and policymakers. By way of the IBR, UANI supporters can send direct messages to business entities working with the Iranian regime in order to raise the reputational hazards and public pressure on such entities to cease their Iran business.

A number of prominent firms have decided to end their Iran business as a result of these tactics including ABB, Aker Wirth, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Eaton, Fiat, Huntsman, Hyundai Motor, Ingersoll Rand, Komatsu, KPMG, Maersk, Porsche, Volvo and many others ( Please join this effort by signing up to receive UANI action alerts at – it is the single best way to take direct action to isolate the Iranian regime.

Below is a list of additional UANI programs and resources to assist you in your efforts to help highlight the dangers of the Iranian regime:

  1. Sign up for UANI’s daily news summary Eye on Iran (;
  2. Join UANI on Twitter ( and Facebook ( to spread the word about UANI campaigns and efforts to prevent the regime form acquiring nuclear weapons;
  3. Utilize UANI educational resources such as our Executive Research Reports, which cover a variety of topics related to the Iranian regime including human rights, terrorism, the nuclear program and sanction policy; and
  4. Host an event in your community or university campus. UANI specialists will travel to your community to deliver briefings on the Iranian threat and UANI’s work. Contact UANI at 212-554-3296 or [email protected] to arrange a briefing in your community.