UN General Assembly

During the 2010 UNGA, UANI effectively quarantined President Ahmadinejad to The Hilton Manhattan East Hotel, the one hotel in New York that agreed to accommodate the Iranian delegation. UANI launched a boycott of all Hilton Hotels properties and held a rally outside of his hotel. Responding to UANI pressure, the Hilton Manhattan East has decided not to host Ahmadinejad for the 2011 UNGA.

On May 2, UANI launched a campaign against the Millennium in response to its decision to host Ahmadinejad for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. Ahmadinejad exploited his appearance at the conference to rail against the West.

2010 News

  • Growing tide of business opposition to Iran

    Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in Manhattan this week to attend the United Nations General Assembly. Unfortunately, the Hilton Manhattan East hotel has agreed to host the Holocaust-denying president and his henchmen.

I am terribly sad. Throughout my professional and personal life, whenever I was unsure of what to say or think, my friend, the Senator, was always there. He had a unique gift for finding the right words to match any feeling or emotion, often with humor, a smile, and laughter. Now, as I write this without his guidance and kind wisdom, I feel his absence deeply. Having the Senator by my side was one of life's greatest gifts to me, and I know I'm not alone in feeling profoundly touched by him. That was the Senator's great gift—he touched and guided so many of us, either personally or through his example. --Ambassador Mark D. Wallace