Ghare Sabz Company (a/k/a GHS Technology)

HQ Country of Company:
Person(s) Involved:
Hassan Ali Moshir-Fatemi
Country/State of Residence or Citizenship:
San Francisco, California
Department of Justice
Location of Sentencing:
Northern District of California
1 year in prison

Transactions involving the illegal export of goods and services to Iran and financial transactions designed to evade the Iranian Transactions Sanctions Regulations (ITSR). In May 2019, all three defendants pled guilty in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Hassan Ali Moshir-Fatemi was sentenced to one 50 year plus one day of prison, a $50,000 criminal fine, and a $100 special assessment. On July 8, 2022, BIS issued a ten-year denial order against Moshir-Fatemi.

Total Fine
Total Forefeiture
$ 0.00
Total Special Assessment
Grand Total
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