UANI Exposes Another Illicit Iranian Oil Shipment

Iran International

Advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) has released a satellite photo presumably showing an Iranian oil shipment heading to Europe.  In a tweet, UANI Chief of Staff Claire Jungman said Vietnam-flagged tanker Gracy is suspected of engaging in a ship-to-ship transfer of Iranian oil in Omani waters on June 7, adding that the vessel exited the Suez Canal on Wednesday. “But where will she go next?” she said.  Last week, UANI said two Iranian tankers were unloading their cargoes at the Baniyas Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) and a third is on its way to the port in Syria. year.  In order to avoid detection of the destination of its cargo, Iran usually uses ship-to-ship transfers, in which the vessels turn off their transponders at sea and secretly transfer oil cargos.