Iranian Oil Sales to China Skyrocket as Experts Say Biden Admin Turns Blind Eye to Sanctions Enforcement

Free Beacon

… The number of these ships known to be in operation has increased in recent months, according to research conducted by United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), an advocacy group that tracks Iran's monthly oil exports and shipping industry. China's importation of Iranian oil has drastically increased since January 2021, according to experts tracking the numbers, and has coincided with the Biden administration's efforts to revive nuclear negotiations with Tehran. The United States has promised to waive sanctions on Iran that were imposed by the Trump administration, including those on its oil trade, if Iran agrees to return to the deal. Experts say the Biden administration is already tacitly allowing these sales to increase by not enforcing sanctions still in place—giving the Iranian regime a critical financial lifeline as its economy teeters on the brink of collapse. The increase in oil exports to China "has to do with a lack of enforcement on sanctions," UANI chief of staff Claire Jungman told the Washington Free Beacon. "I do believe there is just a lack of enforcement and a lack of interest from the Biden administration to enforce these sanctions."