Hamas Used Paragliders From The Czech Company Nirvana Sytems In The Attack On Israel

Denník N

"…This was discovered by the American organization United Against Nuclear Iran. The owner of the company, Pavel Březina, could not say how the militants got to its products. 'We have sold a total of 3,500 paramotors worldwide and more than 5,000 parachutes. You probably understand that I don't know all my customers. By the way, we also have dealers in Israel, America and Germany, in a total of 42 countries,' he told Seznam , adding that the company had not recently had any large orders in the Middle East. He also added that he does not intend to modify the company's export policy in any way. According to Daniel Roth, director of United Against Nuclear Iran, the company underestimated the situation. “This equipment was used as a weapon in the war. The Israeli daily Jerusalem Post reported on similar attacks already in 2014, so it was known," he said, recalling that the company also supplied goods to Iran in the past.  "